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5 Conscious Beverage Sourcing Ingredients Strategies

Beverage Ingredient Sourcing

Did you know that the flavor and nutritional value in some of your favorite beverages was a purposeful choice? Seriously? Yes. Very rarely do we consider the amount of work that goes into the development of beverages, nevertheless, in order for the product to exist some sort of conscious choice must have been required. In order to find the necessary ingredients to create a beverage, companies implement sourcing strategies and there are a variety of companies that specialize in the creation of such strategies. These companies are responsible for some of our favorite beverages. Although there is a multitude of different strategies available, here are five of these beverage ingredient sourcing strategies.

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Vitamin Premixes

A premix is defined as a blend of two or more ingredients. In the sourcing of ingredients, a company might require their beverage to contain a selection of vitamins so they are looking for ingredients that boast high nutritional content. While the mixing of different ingredients can seem like a cop-out, there are a multitude of reasons why a drink company might suggest the implementation of such a strategy.

For example, premixes have great financial benefits as in the combination of two ingredients, a smaller quantity is required creating less waste, hence considerable cost reduction in manufacturing.

Due to its financial benefits, premixes are an incredibly popular ingredient sourcing strategy.

Natural Energy Blends

Interestingly, many natural ingredients can create an energy boost. Some of your favorite energy drinks contain natural flavors and ingredients. Therefore, many companies push to source and combine various different natural ingredients to create the intended energy boost for their beverages.


In some cases, a drink company might require their beverage to have some strength to it, or after the selection of ingredients the flavor is weak. In these cases, beverage sourcing companies will look for ingredients with the ability to strengthen either smell or taste, appropriately named “fortificants”. Fortificants are popular in the creation of beers and brews. Hops, malt, yeast and spices can all attribute to the strong flavors and weight of their respective drinks.


Furthermore, in some cases a drink company might intend on having their drink have either a sweet, salty, sour or bitter taste. The flavor is imperative to the popularity of the drink. If it tastes good, then people will buy it. Hence, drink companies will ask beverage ingredient sourcing companies to find and combine natural and artificial ingredients that best represent the flavor they are intending to sell. The result can be flavors from concentrate, natural juices or artificial colors and flavoring.

Sugar Reductions

For some health conscious consumers, drink companies invest in creating sugar free or diet versions of their popular drinks. To create such variations, beverage ingredient sourcing companies look into finding ingredients naturally low in sugar or an appropriate combination that creates a less sugary taste.

Each company has developed a unique beverage ingredient sourcing strategy depending on the type of beverage they are attempting to create. Unfortunately, there is not much information on how they accomplish such strategies due to the patents on drink formulas. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the flavors we are experiencing were purposeful and so created for a specific function. Next time you are in a grocery aisle, look at the ingredients and see if you can taste the specific ingredients perfectly selected for your enjoyment.

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