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4 Ways to Market Effectively Online in 2013

Predicting advertising trends for online commerce can be challenging, even for those in the know. With the advent of digital technology, and the worldwide use of smartphones and tablets, it will pay to bear this emerging phenomenon in mind when designing any new advertising strategies. Shrewd marketers keep up to date with fashions, and follow the most recent news to guide their own advertising tactics towards future profitability. With the wealth of information available on the web, many people become bewildered about how best to move forward with their online marketing campaigns. Lets look at four recommended ideas for success.
Portable Devices
One thing that seems fairly certain is that a larger percentage of Internet commerce will be carried out using portable devices. Indeed, mobile marketing will become mainstream during 2013, as more than half the adult population of the US will own a tablet or smartphone. Online companies ought to be formulating their mobile advertising tactics now if they wish to capture a reasonable chunk of the market share. Currently, the market remains unsaturated, which means there are many potential customers out there and the competition is small, compared with other marketing channels. Also, users of smartphones are extremely action oriented. Thus, if they are looking for something, it is because they require it. If you can connect with them at the correct moment, this could translate into huge gains for your company.
Video Marketing
The increase in video content on the web is a marketing trend that all serious online entrepreneurs should take note of. YouTube videos (and videos from similar websites) have become viral phenomena online, and lots of Internet users are opting to absorb information solely from this medium. Websites containing videos are becoming more and more popular to Internet users; so video marketing should play a prominent part in all online businesses.
Growing Social Media
Another important factor to consider, when trying to predict future advertising trends, is the rising popularity of social media. A growing number of individuals are spending a great deal of time on websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and, more recently, Pinterest. Some might claim that social media is simply a fad, highlighting the well-publicized demise of the once popular MySpace. However, the concept of social media is so popular across the world that it seems inconceivable that the trend will not continue. The platforms might alter, but social media itself will carry on thriving and multiplying.
With the mounting pressure to increase ROI from advertising during 2013, remarketing is the perfect solution. Remarketing is a method of displaying advertisements to your website visitors, in an attempt to get them to return. You can select which kind of ads to show your visitors on different pages of your site, based on whether they are trying to leave without purchasing anything. Remarketing is a fantastic way of getting the most out of your existing budget for advertising, which improves your overall ROI. Even if you only allocate a small amount of funds to remarketing, you can dramatically decrease your cost per acquisition, from wherever it is you are attracting visitors — whether this is from search engines, email marketing, or display campaigns.
Data are beginning to show that the use of communication platforms, like email, is on the decline. In turn, advertising trends are suggesting that modes of online commerce that are more traditional, like email marketing, might be on their way out. It may take a little time before email is completely replaced, but with the increasing pace of technological advances, it appears certain that this method of communication will wind up becoming as old fashioned as handwritten letters.
Author Bio: Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles related to the field of business. This article was written to offer advice for marketing in 2013 and to encourage further study with a Organizational Development Degree

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