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4 Steps To Upgrade Your Referral Marketing Strategy To Reach Millennials

4 Steps To Upgrade Your Referral Marketing Strategy To Reach Millennials

Referral advertising is one way that you can increase your edge in the marketplace. Different segments of the population will respond differently to your strategies. Here are of the strategies that you can use to reach your millennial base.

Advertise Purposes Not Products

It may have worked in the past to showcase your products to gain interest in them. The millennial generation doesn’t want to be sold a product. What they’re looking for is a useful purpose for the product. For example, pair up with a charitable organization and advertise that you donate a portion of your proceeds to them. This will make you more appealing in the marketplace. Your customers can feel as though they’re doing something good by purchasing your product.

Develop Your Social Media Platform

Social media has become king in the marketing world. Instagram and Twitter may hold the key to your next marketing campaign. You have to focus on your message in order to convey it in a truncated form. Be responsive to the feedback that you’re receiving. Millennials love a company that is more interactive and engaged with them. This will make you more attractive to them. Look into using affiliate marketing services to help you with this endeavor.

Encourage Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth advertising has always played an important role in getting any product line off of the ground. It becomes even more important with the millennial generation. Research shows that 28% of millennials won’t use a product unless their friends approve of it. You have to appeal to a wider audience in order to gain more sales. Start a grass roots campaign or at least make it feel that way. This may drive up more interest in your products or services.

Examine Your Values

The millennial generation is all about their values. You have to appeal to their values in order to gain sales. Look at what your company values and promote your value system. Engage with your audience and let them do the work. Be more socially conscious in regards to the environment. Pairing up with charitable organizations that have a good reputation will help your cause. You have to demonstrate that you share the value system of your customer base. Everything else will fall into place.

There is no one right way to do referral marketing. You have to employ a variety of strategies in order to reach a wider audience. Use these tips to start your referral marketing campaign.

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