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4 Reasons Why can’t say “No” to Seedbox


More often we find people facing trouble in downloading and uploading a huge volume of digital files. This either shows “failed!” or takes a lot of time to complete, thus hampering the entire work schedule.
Are you facing the same trouble?

Worry no further. Because in this blog we will give you an effective solution to all your server-related problems. Yes, you heard right! These are all server-related issues that can only be solved by installing “seedbox”, a high-speed remote server.

Even if you are lucky enough of having no such issue, you must read the blog till the end. Maybe you will need this sooner or later. 

So, without wasting your time, let us unfold the reasons why investing in these high-speed remote servers will worth every penny.

  1. It’s obviously the speed: Seedboxes come with high-bandwidth that range from 100Mbits/s to 10Gbits/s. It is the usual definition that you will find all over the web, especially Wikipedia.
    No doubt, the server with 100Mbits/s speed or more works faster than your home internet connection. But there are servers that possess 10Gbits/s speed. They are even faster than the previous one. The best thing is that large files won’t take more than a minute to get downloaded. And in some cases, it is over within a few seconds.

    You may call this magic! Yes, it is nothing less than that.

  2. Faster uploading time: Some people are more concerned about downloading than seeding. While some people pay more attention to seeding instead of downloading. This remote server creates a perfect balance for them. It offers a 1:1 ratio, leaving the users no reason to avoid this server.

    Along with downloading speed, the seamless uploading of files within minutes is seriously an amazing benefit. While uploading files in the torrent, it is important to seed the torrent. Unless you seed it, users won’t find options to download your file from the torrent. Using this server, you don’t need to sit for weeks seeding the torrent.

  3. A safe and secure network: Are the DMCA notices or ISP warning letters bothering you? Say no to all your fears when seedbox is there for you. You neither have to look for a BitTorrent client for your home PC, nor you have to worry about RIAA or MPAA. You are safe and secured.
  4. Bandwidth throttling is bypassed: ISPs like Comcast, are known for bandwidth throttling. This purposely cut off the range of bandwidth, limiting the users from uploading and downloading files. For example, video streaming.

    Wondering how to get rid of this? This remote server bypasses the bandwidth throttling, giving a perfect solution to your problem.

  5. Home Internet remains unaffected: The remote server allows you to turn off your computer safely, even if the seeding process is not completed. It will not get affected, instead will be uploaded successfully.

Are you looking for a server that will not just provide you with high speed but even have complete control over your privacy? Then make sure you won’t forget to install seedbox.

Buy this server and you will hardly find any reason to avoid relying on it for your regular activities.

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