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3 Ways To Bring Your Legal Marketing To The Modern Age

3 Ways To Bring Your Legal Marketing To The Modern Age

Traditionally, legal providers assumed private and humble existences, waiting for those needing services to approach and call.  Today, amid an increase in available services, legal experts adopt a proactive approach, actively promoting services through modes of marketing.

The modern age offers a number of on and offline platforms, giving legal professionals chances to make impressions on local markets.  Currently, lawyers leverage search engines and digital platforms, electronic and print books, and community networking events to disseminate awareness of their legal expertise.

Search Engines

Decades ago, clients asked friends or consulted the Yellow Pages when in need of legal services.  Today, more consumers seek the convenience of search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Rather than ask a friend or thumb through a book, consumers quickly grab laptops, smart phones and other electronic means of connecting to the Web’s vast amounts of information.

Lawyers invest in banner advertising and other means of representation, hiring SEO firms or implementing insights in-house to improve search rank and authority.  Furthermore, social media opportunity a la Facebook and Twitter provide additional means of outreach, communicating brand-related messages and resources to potential clientele.

Bill’s just begun his own practice in Philadelphia, specializing in personal injury.  He’s invested resources toward targeted banner ads, making a good return on investment during the weekends and night hours.  Search engine representation is accelerating his private practice.


Legal advisors behold specialized subject matter as well as the esteem that goes along with it, placing lawyers in a good position to engineer print and electronic books.

Whether lending insight on real-time cases, an area of law, or personal editorial, lawyers attract reader and client interest with forms of print, in some cases offering free ebooks in exchange for familiarity and increased likelihood of client interest.

Gail is a partner in a small firm that takes difficult cases pro bono.  She’s written a book about the subject, inserting her firm’s approach and history of winning cases.  Her book has attracted much acclaim online as a legal resources.  Marketing for law firms is an important business step, and her one ebook has secured more clientele and free PR for the firm than any other mode of advertising.


Modern day lawyers go on or offline to connect with the community.  In the same day, a lawyer may spend time online in the afternoon answering questions in forums before attending social events in the evening.  Community focus allows legal experts to express personality as well as law acumen.

Clients share personal information with lawyers, so self-marketing and showing personality is important in building a reputation for quality service.  Plenty of people seek legal advice; being social helps lawyers find those potential clients more easily.

David decided to part ways with is old firm, but lately, a recession and lack of clients cause him to feel some regret about going independent.  He’s begun providing extensive answers to legal questions online.  He’s investing hours at a time, yet the act of kindness has repaid him; due to diligence, he no longer needs to spend money on traditional forms of advertising.  Being community-centric afforded him the ability to stay independent.

Charles Talley is a legal marketer. He loves to help lawyers improve their online marketing by writing for law blogs.

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