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3 things to keep in mind for a party venue in lafayette

Party Venues in Lafayetta La

It’s time to party! You are ready to start planning. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning a party in Lafayette. Party venues offer unique things to the area. There are three things to keep in mind when starting to plan.

There are three things to keep in mind for party venues Lafayette La. Let’s review:

How Many Will Be In Attendance?

Decide how many people will be attending. This will help to determine if a space is too big or too small. There will be no need to have a big dining hall for 20 people. Nor will it be satisfactory to have a small dance hall for 100 people. Spacing, room for eating, room for mingling are all factors to consider when deciding on the space. You already know your network and family and the likelihood of who is coming, but to be safe you can also request that attendees RSVP. This way you have an exact count. Of course, this means that you must do so in advance in order to give everyone time to respond. Sending out internet invitations (e-vites) can give a quick response from your invitation list.


To cater or not to cater is a question any event planner will ask. Do you want the venue to offer the catering or have you chosen the caterer on your own and prefer a certain taste for your gathering? Taking in mind if there are vegans or vegetarians is pretty mainstream now, so this is a factor. There are also so many ways to make each attendee happy at your upcoming event. Speaking about the catering should be in the top three on the list of planning for your upcoming event. It may be cheaper to offer breakfast rather than dinner. With offering breakfast that means you do not have to worry about offering beer or wine. Juices and water can be served instead.

The count of how many will be in attendance will determine a break down of how much it will cost to feed each person by the plate.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for anything. To plan a party is to understand that things happen unexpectedly. The party venue you have chosen is perfect for why you chose it. Be ok with your selection and then respond to things as they happen. Party venues Lafayette La means that you are planning and that is an advantage to being prepared.

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