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3 Mistakes Every New Marketing Student Makes During The First Few Years

Studying marketing is definitely an enticing activity, yet a lot of new students lack the experience to do the right thing from the first year. In the end, you open your eyes around the last year, only to understand that everything you have studied does not have too many things in common with the continuously updating world of marketing. In many situations, it might have been better to be just a little smarter. Every new student makes such mistakes, so educating yourself aside from the schooling part is definitely a bright idea.

Not Focusing On Increasing The Productivity

It is definitely relaxing to push the snooze button and keep delaying the wakeup moment, only to realize later that you no longer want to go to school in that day. It is just as enticing to relax for a whole day, then get a coffee at 7PM and study overnight. But how about studying first, then enjoying your day without any thoughts of remorse? You leave yourself caught by the taste of freedom and the never ending parties. However, trying to develop yourself will not cut your freedom. Instead, it will actually help you to realize what you actually desire and what you should do in order to get there. If you learn how to be productive early, you got plenty of time to do something useful, have fun or see your friends without such activities to overlap each other.

Focusing Too Much On The Actual School

Whether you earn a scholarship or you get inside with a decent grade, the first year is the toughest one. Sometimes, the one and only motivation is perhaps a new scholarship, which might help you travel or buy something you have always dreamed about. Later on, you will realize that you can do it with even less effort, but you have never focused on learning how to be productive.

Presentations represent the most important elements during the schooling years. It is less likely to come up with an impressive one, not to mention about your shaking legs when you got no text under your nose. However, everything changes once you are over the schooling years and you earn your marketing diploma. But then, the presentations can help you in a multitude of different ways – learning how making them look decent or just stay in front of thirty individuals without blabbering.

Ignoring The Construction Of A Personal Brand

A lot of marketing students come up with plans, tactics and strategies for 20 page projects without achieving anything during the college years. Then they end up whining that they have spent years in school without understanding anything. But how about being a product yourself? A little dedication can turn you into one of the few fantastic marketers that you have learned about in college. From many points of view, this is the smartest way to practice what you read and learn. In the end, defining your image once you are done becomes a lot easier, since you no longer have to recover and rebuild your brand from scratch. Opt for a reputable and well reviewed marketing diploma in Melbourne like Martin College to ensure you don’t make mistakes early in your career.

Author Bio 
Suzanne Middleton is guidance counselor who blogs about education and it’s importance in society. On top of her Diploma in Psychology, she has a Diploma of Management and has worked in the HR department of various institutions.

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