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2016: The Year Of Engagement, Retention and Innovative Organisational Culture

2016 is the year of employee engagement, retention and organisational culture; today’s organisational culture is primarily driven by ethos, job market transparency, employee retention and active employee engagement. Company’s often struggle with engaging their employees actively, retaining talent and consistently developing their skills. Companies also find themselves having to impress the millennials with their online presence and online brand management. In addition, the hiring process is also pivotal in accelerating development and developing an organisational structure that offers progressive career development to its employees. Other profession such as the Finance jobs has shown in the past to have one of the better retention of stuff in South Africa is South Africa’s leading job’s aggregator that aggregates jobs from leading job portals and websites and CEO, Charles Edelstein, has taken notice of the role the online medium plays in ensuring that employers stay up to date with trends in the online recruitment game. “Employers need to offer value to potential employees by demonstrating the value they can offer to individuals who are looking for jobs.” Says Edelstein.

The year 2016, will offer employers a challenge into being more engaged with employers and HR needs to work collaboratively with other departments. The Human Resource department is no longer a stand-alone department; interdepartmental engagement is key in ensuring that a potential employee fits into the organisational culture. Another aspect of Zigo’s innovation, is its new cloud-based Leave Management System; the system allows employers to efficiently manage leave and for employers to better understand leave policies. The system manages attendance which allows employers to study leave trends and absenteeism to ensure absenteeism is kept low and managed to understand leave trends and employee engagement.

The Zigo Leave Management System encourages a shift to data driven approach to ensure that statistics developed to unify employee data in performance management in addition to metrics and KPIs. For the past five years, Zigo has operating as leading job portal which is expanding into the UK and USA. Zigo is dedicated to constant innovation and quality employee engagement.

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