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12 Refreshing Tips On How To Live A Stress-Free Life At Home

Are you like most people who wish to live a stress-free life? The first step is to identify the factors that contribute to your stress. These can include work, relations, bad environment, health, money, emotional problems, and poor time management. While women are more likely than men to suffer emotionally due to stress, both sexes experience stress with varying difficulties. Unresolved, stress can lead to serious health problems like heart ailments, depression, obesity, and Alzheimer’s disease. Stress may seem unbeatable at first, but it’s actually possible to manage. Try these twelve refreshing life tips to conquer stress today.

1. Remove yourself from a stressful situation, literally

If you’re about to explode during a stressful situation, it’s best to call a timeout and leave for a moment. Allow yourself to be angry and upset while you’re away. For example, your co-worker is hassling you and it’s getting to your nerves. Detach yourself from situation by washing your hands in the toilet, for example. Removing yourself from the situation is an effective stress reliever, giving you a chance to think about the situation and not act irrationally.

2. Eat more quinoa

Try incorporating quinoa into your diet to relieve stress and feel better. It’s a healthy grain that is a fantastic source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals. Some people beat stress by binging on junk food. However, this can only make you more stressed because of the rapid fluctuations in your blood sugar afterwards. Eating quinoa can make you feel healthy and stress-free.

3. Breathe with your left nostril

Do breathing exercises to relax you. An effective trick is to breathe with your left nostril. It’s a technique that can have a soothing effect on your body and mind. Block your right nostril with your right thumb and slowly inhale through your left nostril. Focus on doing long, slow, and deep breaths only with your left nostril. Do around thirty repetitions of this exercise to calm you.

4. Improve internal balance with a quality mattress

Finally resolve those stressful and sleepless nights by upgrading your bed with a quality mattress. Sleep is very effective to rejuvenate your body and reduce fatigue. Sleep away your stress with a foam mattress that has a firm support and orthopedic benefits. This will improve your body’s internal balance and regulate your biorhythm so you can wake up in the morning relaxed and energized .

5. Steam off with hot yoga

Sweat out your stress with hot yoga or Bikram yoga. It’s an effective de-stressor that has a growing following among celebrities, athletes, and royalty. Unlike regular yoga, hot yoga allows your muscles to feel more relaxed and flexible because of the heat. It also improves your strength while still being a low-impact workout. Your body and mood will thank you for it.

6. Write down things you’re grateful for

Beat the stress by reminding yourself of the things you should be thankful for. It’s a healthy practice that can open your mind to a more positive disposition. Write down your own “grateful list” as this can feel more intimate. Remind yourself of friends, family, happy memories, and life goals. It’s effective and is far cheaper than taking mood pills.

7. Do some household chores

The repetitive motion of housework can help take your mind off stress. It may not sound relaxing at first, but your should try it. Instead of just sitting down and wallowing, get your body moving with a chore that needs to be done. It can be as simple as scrubbing your countertop or cleaning your oven. Doing the same motion for a period of time can feel oddly pacifying.

8. Exercise facial muscles by smiling

Smile more for a stress-free life! The beneficial effects of smiling can be instantaneous. Smile to your partner, family, friend, colleague or even a stranger on the street. It’s an age-old trick that is good for you and the people around you. Smiling can make you feel and look good. Even if you’re not in the mood for it, smiling allows your body to radiate an inner joy and happiness that is being clouded by stress.

9. Learn from success in failure

Failure can easily make you feel stressed out. But it doesn’t help if you let a hiccup get to you. Shift your paradigm and focus on success in failure. Instead of looking at your shortcomings, it will be more productive to focus on how you can improve. Don’t let a stressful situation make you forget that success is inherent in failure. Remember that successful people often have gone through a lot of failures to be where they are.

10. Rely on loved ones for support

Your loved ones are wonderful buffers against stress. It can be helpful if you share with a family, friend or partner some of the things that are causing you stress. This will help you unload the negative feelings you may have. Your loved ones can provide a perspective that you may need to manage your stress.

11. Establish and stick to a routine

Overpower your chaotic and stressful schedule by establishing and sticking to a routine. Having a routine can put you into a calm state of mind. It allows you to not think about the stress too much because you’re preoccupied with the routine. Think of it as having your own personal formula that you apply daily to lessen the impact of stress.

12. Look at fractals

Looking at fractals can be so calming. Fractals are repeating or identical patterns found in nature, art, music or architecture. Research shows that gazing at fractal patterns like flower petals, strokes in a painting or ocean waves relaxes the brain. Look at a flower or artwork for a few minutes each day to alleviate stress.

In the face of stress, you may feel a bit lost and debilitated. Adopt these twelve ways on how to live a stress-free life to help you be in control, focused, and empowered.

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