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10 Signs Of A Great Nanny

When you hire a nanny it can be easy to remain nervous about whether or not they are the right fit for your family, even after several interviews. They can have all the screening, the skills on paper, the conversation, the smiles, the charisma, but it’s still hard to know if they are right for your family. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, this is completely normal, and many parents hiring nannies, especially for the first time, will go through the same thing.

One useful thing to do is to do lots and lots of research before you approach or an individual, or before you start doing interviews. Read what other parents have to say about nannies, good and bad, and read lots of tips about what to look for so you can have a big wealth of knowledge to go on when you do start looking properly.


To get you started, here are 10 signs of a great nanny:

1. She’s Made A Full Time Career Of Being A Nanny

You can’t fake loving children for an entire career, it’s just not possible. Someone who wholeheartedly loves caring for someone else’s children is a natural at the job and has to really love it to commit to all the challenges it brings. Nanny’s who commit to this profession full time genuinely find the job fulfilling.

2. She Respects How The Parents Like Their Child To Be Cared For

A great nanny will be exceptional with her communication. In the interview she will take a genuine interest in the children and ask about everything and anything related to their care and needs. This shows a deep respect for how the parents prefer things to be done, and many top-class nannies are more than happy to write down a daily diary so that parents feel completely up to speed with the child’s day.

3. She Will Always Keep Parents Up To Speed About The Location Of The Children

A great nanny will consistently let parents know where the children are and how they or she can be contacted, at any time. A great nanny will consider the parents feelings and their ability to know exactly where their children are at all times.

4. She Doesn’t Need To Be Asked To Do Child Related Chores

Although most nannies do need to be asked to do chores and tasks that aren’t within their job role, most of them consider anything related to the children’s care to be naturally part of their job. So cleaning and tidying after the children come with the territory and should be completed as and when necessary.

5. She Takes Initiative

The best nannies take initiative and complete different household tasks when the children are sleeping. Great nannies will take initiative and go above and beyond what they are supposed to do.

6. She Is Either Willing to Learn CPR & First Aid, Or Has Those Skills Already

Basic skills like CPR and first aid should be something all nannies have and if yours does, that is a big tick. However, if they don’t have that training, they should be willing to learn so that you can feel safe leaving your child in her care.

7. She Understands Child Development

The best nannies don’t just have a vague idea of child development, they actively understand child development, enabling them to be better carers for different age groups. This also enables her to interact with the children in an educational way that aids their development.

8. She Is Respectful Of Privacy

A great nanny is always respectful of privacy and of any personal issues that come with the job. Naturally when you are part of a family you will find out intimate details of their life, which should not be disclosed to any other parties and should only be discussed within the family if necessary.

9. She Has Enthusiasm And Energy

A great nanny is able to keep up with the children she cares for, she is never lazy.

10. She Loves Your Family

Being a nanny is a professional job, but, that doesn’t mean strong bonds don’t form. Naturally your nanny will genuinely care about your family if she spends time with you all and has a passion for her job. When a nanny genuinely cares, you know she’s going to do the best possible job she can.

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