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Writing Essays: What Topics Not To Choose

The current situation in the society encourages the freedom of thought, and this tendency has been developing for nearly fifty years already. Nevertheless, educational system remains quite conservative, and many professors do not support extremely dabatable issues enlighted in academic papers.

So, what Topics should you Avoid in the Essay or the Other Paper?

Before picking the topic, make clear with your professor which type of an essay you are assigned with. Persuasive or argumentative ones are challenging yet the most interesting to compose. These two essay types have a lot in common but differ by the depth of the idea imposed on the readers. The persuasive essay focuses mainly on emotional side ot the issue, while the argumentative displays not only the writer’s opinion but also the counterpoint with all its benefits and drawbacks. To understand clearly what you have to deal with consult Privatewriting about essay types and proper topics:

Writing Essays: What Topics Not To Choose

When you are trying to choose a decent topic to depict, you can settle on any respectable one, but instead many students slip at this step. This is the Murphy’s Law. Thus, to succeed you need to know what not to write about.


This issue has excited a riot multiple times throughout history due to its ambiguousness. There is no “right” position regarding this topic: the people are either “pro-life” or “pro-choice”. Whatever you pick, it would be diffilult to beat the arguments and facts of the counterposition.

Religious Classes at School

Religion itself is a too broad topic, but even if you narrow it to “religious classes”, you are going to be buried under facts, viewpoints and opposite thoughts. In addition, plenty of things have been already said about this, that is why your research chances to be neither innovative nor intriguing.


Being a highly urgent issue, this topic, nevertheless, is the least appropriate for an essay. No one denies its importance, though people should be concerned via media and social initiatives but not an essay. You can make a contribution to the fight against suicide by taking action instead.

Still, if you cannot cope without assistance, consult your advisor or the writing service like Privatewriting – There a bunch of professionals will help you with research, composing or proofreading your essay.

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