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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Extreme weather can be, at the same time, scary and unsafe for vehicle driving. In such conditions, it is crucial that drivers know how to safely deal with any road emergencies.

For instance, driving during the winter is different compared to other seasons of the year. Extreme weather and the long span of darkness particularly nearing the end of October makes driving extremely dangerous. Oftentimes conditions can be hazardous, as what recent winters have been showing, with longer periods of heavy snow.


This means that it’s important to adapt the way we drive.

Various weather conditions produce various dangers throughout winter and in various areas of many countries at various times. A single journey can take us in different weather conditions and traffic conditions, so it is important to be ready for each one.

Below are a few tips that may help you to stay safe during driving in extreme winter conditions:

  • Make sure that your car is ready for winter conditions such as snow and ice. Ensure that your tools are properly maintained and include a winter survival kit in your car: sand/salt, snow shovel, and an ice scraper.
  • Clean off snow and ice from your car, including the mirrors, hood, roof, trunk, lights, and windows.
  • While driving, make sure to turn on your headlights. And make sure that they are clean to improve visibility.
  • Be cautious if snow banks limit your vision of in-coming traffic.
  • Avoid utilizing your cruise control during winter. In extreme conditions, it is imperative you have more control of your vehicle as much as possible.
  • Learn how to use the brake on slippery surfaces. Cars that have anti-lock brakes work differently from cars that don’t have anti-lock brakes. You must read your owner’s manual for instructions on to properly brake if your car begins to skid.
  • Keep at least half tank of gasoline during winter. This will make sure that you have a source of hearing if ever you’re stuck or stranded.
  • Make sure that your windshield washer reservoir is full and the wiper blades are in great working condition.
  • Remember speed limits are for roads that are dry and not for snow-covered roads. You must lower your speed and raise your distance as road conditions and vision worsens.
  • Be careful around bridges and overpasses as they are areas to easily ice up.
  • Avoid passing sand trucks and snow plows. Drivers of these vehicles have limited vision and the road in front of them can be worse than the road behind.
  • Make sure to check road and weather conditions on the local news or internet weather and traffic websites.

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