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Why Your Brand Strategy Might Just Fail

Why Your Brand Strategy Might Just Fail

Now this is not a very nice way to start off a post is it? I mean here I am taking up your time and coming out here, telling you that your branding strategy or marketing campaign might just come off on the wrong side of the audience’s fence if you are not careful with what and how you do your branding. Singularly, I find it curious that many businesses have still stuck with spending outrageous amounts of money on the analogous form of marketing and the ones taking to the digital streams are still sticking with email marketing.

The Evolution of Branding??

But let’s first talk about how branding has evolved. I am going to presume that most of my readers are people who are involved in some form of professional setting. I am going to eliminate those of you who are working in established and big businesses for now because the branding strategies apply more to people who are still working in smaller and growing businesses. Now with these businesses considered: where do you think a bigger impact is made? A billboard strategy that is spread throughout the city or a mutual agreement signed between two businesses to assist in each other’s complementary services?

Not an easy question to answer is it? If you think: well it can depend upon the nature of the brand and business in question then you are right on target. But Ill give you the explanation on why business links are becoming the norm for branding. Why two websites collaborating between their businesses has become a more commonplace strategy is the same reason why so many website administrators and bloggers go absolutely insane with cheer when their competitor blogs reach out to them.

Business links are more important than just website references by the way and this is a reference to social media strategies. A large part of your relevance to the community or your audience becomes crucial upon the kind of customers you target and you can target any kind of customers via social media. The second part of that is more linked with knowing what your customer wants and since no customer’s needs are static, it is important to keep evolving your own product persona with that of the client

Moving things up..

And you know why else your branding strategy is liable to fail? Because you keep following the trends that the internet throw at you. In a very honest moment of truth, if your website design is based off the “top templates” search then expect your brand to rank very low. In all fairness brand rankings are based more on other business aspects and workflow models than on marketing strategies alone. But ultimately you must recognize that having a recognizable name within your market ensures more business to come into your office. It’s a clichéd statement to make but it is woefully and unequivocally true.

How do you plan on preventing this failure? Well from your website’s perspective you can always re-evaluate the design you have assigned to the development of your website. Marketing wise you might want to note the kind of customers you are pitching your product to. There are numerous examples of services and products that got a boost right after changing their slogans and catch phrases .In whatever capacity: do what is in your strengths but more so forge more links with your competitors. If your fellow businesses recognize your value then your business gains more visibility alongside their brand. And we all know how the increase invisibility helps you and your brand out.

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