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Why You Should Use Shade Cloth Printing To Advertise Your Business

Shade cloth printing is giving a run for its money to other printed outdoor advertising media like billboards, vehicle wraps, banners and the like. The newly found printed advertising media is fast gaining popularity due to its many advantages besides being much economical.  This new media brings with it huge amount of flexibility that allows creating  any type of  printed text and logo that you feel like  No other printed media is as cheap as this and none are as much flexible. Since business needs change rapidly, advertisements have to also change rapidly, almost overnight and this is only possible if shade cloth printing is used as the advertising media. The cheap cost of these advertisements outweighs the cost of changing it at a short notice.

Cost of Advertising

Compared to other kinds of printed advertising media, shade cloth printing is much cheaper because it does not always require large spaces to display the advertisement campaigns like billboards and banners. Therefore, it does not require large spending in booking spaces for advertisement. Secondly, the media HDPE costs much less than any other comparable media. Thirdly, the long life of shade cloth printed media; it remains intact for at least a year, leads to better cost recovery for the investment.

In order to meet fluctuating business requirements, advertisement campaigns might be required to change at a short notice. When this happens, the advertiser does not mind to go for the changeover as the costs involved are much less.

Doing your Own Campaign

The shade cloth media offers complete customization of advertisements.  You can create anything you feel to make the campaign more effective. Another cost saving aspect is that since creating advertisement on shade cloth involves only text and logo and there is no involvement of complex color schemes, the advertiser can plan his own campaign instead of depending on advertising agencies. This saves good amount of cost.

Green Advertising

Using shade cloth printing ensures the use of eco-friendly material in advertising.  The manufacturing process of HDPE that is used as the media ensures a completely recyclable product that is semi transparent and light weight. When used on fencings, the shade cloth contains soil erosion, and facilitates sediment control on site which makes it completely compliant with the building rules. Having the property of low resistance to winds it can be effectively used for dust and debris control in windy locations.

Wide Reach

Due to flexibility of size, shade cloth printed advertisement can be hosted in places where conventional billboards and banners are unable to reach.  These are seen in sporting events, musical events as well as construction sites and many other places where it acts as temporary barriers also, often forming the perimeter of the area. This means that your advertisement reaches places where other printed advertisements are unable to reach.

The digital printing technology that is used for printing shade cloth ensures scratch proof  printing that extends the life of advertisement and maintains the same impact as it did on the first day when it was displayed.

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