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Why Wooden Stairs are So Much Popular?

Wood is one of the most important, versatile and widely used materials in the world. Available in a variety of tones and textures, wood can simply be converted into any shape. Staircases made from wood provide a touch of warmth, elegance, coziness and style to any home setting. Below mentioned is a selection of wooden Trap ontwerpen for modern homes, have a look:


Helical stairs: Helical stairs, also known as curved staircases looks great in an office or residential location. The flowing arc design of these stairs makes them ideal for showrooms, retail and other public spaces. These staircases usually consist of two rolled stringers with the threads attached between them. Some of the advantages of helical staircases are as follows:

  • Helical staircases look eye-catching and elegant.
  • These staircases look stylish and add a glamorous touch to any interiors.
  • These stairs are quite convenient and safe as handrails are present on both sides.

Free floating stairs: Floating stairs are ideal to create an impression when someone enters your home and stand in front of an eye-catching staircase with levitating treads in wood, supported by a thin looking glass or any other hidden attachments. These kinds of staircases can be used in both commercial and residential projects. Some of the key advantages of free floating stairs include:

  • They look extremely eye-catching as they provide an illusion of a floating stair.
  • Free floating staircases are very elegant, stylish and minimalist.
  • Free floating staircases made from wood create a more classical look.
  • Floating stairs maintains an airy and open look.


Organic staircases: Organic staircases are usually designed in a manner that they look similar to grown things. The key advantages of organic staircases are mentioned below:

  • Organic stairs add a unique and warm touch to any interior setting.
  • These staircases look overwhelming and beautiful.

Spiral staircases: An ideal addition for modern homes, spiral staircases provide a pleasant, alluring look. These kinds of stairs are excellent for small spaces. Some of the key advantages of spiral staircases include:

  • One of the biggest advantages of spiral stairs is that they take much less space as compared to normal staircases.
  • It is easy to link more than two floors with the same spiral staircase.
  • These stairs are quite easy to install and add value to any home.

These are some of the widely popular wooden Trap ontwerpen. You can choose the one that will fit well with the design for your home.

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