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Why We Need Good Tool Belt For A Home Improvement Project?

During a home improvement project, tool belt is one of the most essential equipments even for amateur home improvers. With a good tool belt, we should be able to keep ourselves more productive and safer. We would be able to easily access the whole arsenal of equipments, instruments and tools whenever we need them. A tool belt promises more productivity especially when we need both hands to use the ladder. However, a poorly designed tool belt can make things more difficult for us and there are some tips that we need to consider when using it.

One thing that we need to consider is to choose a tool belt that’s designed for our dominant hand. In this case, a left-handed person should be more selective, because most tool belts are designed for right-handed people. For them, it won’t be efficient to grab a hammer with a hand that’s not intended to swing it.

By choosing a belt that’s designed for our dominant hand, it means that all tools should be placed on our dominant side. On the other hand, fastening tools, such as nails and screws should be placed on our secondary side. It means that our non-dominant hand could continuously feed fasteners to our dominant hand. This will certainly boost our productivity. Occasionally, we would need to adjust our load and bend to reach something, so it is important to make sure that the tool belt can be rotated 180-degree quite easily. It means that much of the tools can be placed behind us and they won’t impede our movement when we need use the ladder.

During a more significant home improvement project, tools that we carry can be somewhat bulky, so we may need to use a reliable wide-band, industry-standard suspender. This should both save our back and disperse the weight. Homeowners shouldn’t put themselves in the corner with various inferior equipments. It is actually possible to buy a good product without breaking the bank. Yet, there’s nothing worse than running our productivity by using a poorly designed tool belt that can make our tools nearly useless.

There are different tools that we could put in our tool belts and one of the most neglected is pencil. There should be a good slot for pencil in our belt that prevents it from rolling. We could also choose markers to clearly mark some spots. An obvious tool that we need to include in the belt is a hammer and we should make sure that the belt fit various sizes of hammer handles. There should be enough room for both curved and rip claw hammers.

While curved claw is a more traditional type, we may need a rip claw hammer to use it as a small hatchet if we want to chop something.

There should be enough room for both fasteners and 4-in-1 screwdrivers. The belt must include small pouches for our nails and screws. There should be at least three pouches in the tool belt, so we can put nails and screws with different sizes in each.

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