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Why Radio Monitoring Is Still Important

Why Radio Monitoring Is Still Important

There are some people who believe that in this digital world, radio has little or no impact in marketing, advertising or management of public relations. They focus on monitoring social media activities only and pay little attention to radio or just ignore it completely. Recent statistics show that radio is still the second largest advertising medium reaching 59% of Americans daily, more than Internet at 49%. Radio monitoring is as important these days as it was in the past.

Radio monitoring can be described as the systematic listening to, and the reporting of radio transmissions and broadcast to gather intelligence. It plays a very vital role in managing public relations and establishing and popularizing of your name to the public. It can also help provide insight as to how your brand is portrayed to the public. Vigilant radio monitoring allows business owners or managers to prevent the potential damage that may be caused by bad radio press or negativity campaigns while at the same time providing them with the tools that they need to mount successful marketing campaigns and manage PR.

As the marketing world continues to expand beyond the local community’s borders there is an increase in demand for radio and online based radio services. Companies have several options when it comes to branding themselves, their products and services through these media channels, however most of them do not understand the importance of adequate radio monitoring that can help them maintain or expand their market share.

The need of monitoring radio for public relations management begins with gaining an understanding of what is being said or talked about, not just in online forums but in various media outlets including radio. Radio monitoring which is well structured, allows you to stay informed and well updated on the latest happenings in the market through the provision of up to date information of what existing or potential customers say about your marketing campaign, products, services, clients, and brand. As the owner or manager of a business responsible for Public relations management, never assume that all is well in the market. Bad publicity of your products and/or services over the radio can have devastating consequences on your business. A radio monitoring service can ensure you are aware of these issues as soon as they arise.

The service of radio monitoring uses different techniques and forms to listen to not just the top rated radio stations but also those which have limited coverage, or are less popular. Effective radio monitoring is that which spans across international, national and local markets. Through the use of computer tracking software, regular and broadcast radio transmissions, podcast and commercials can accurately be targeted to ensure that you are informed in real time when your product or company features in a conversation or discussion.

The recent technological advancements have led to the development of effective software which has made it possible to do radio monitoring in several languages. Thus, the monitoring will not just be done in your local area but also in other markets where different languages are spoken. The information from the radio monitoring service can be compiled according to category and language. When you need to change or adjust the marketing strategy you will simply need to go through the radio monitoring reports.

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