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Why Employee Training Is A Crucial Aspect Of Human Resources

A recent study by public poll giant Gallup reveals that almost 70 percent of employees are not engaged at work. Employee engagement refers to the level of enthusiasm and involvement that employees express at work. Low engagement levels directly result in higher turnover rates and levels of employee dissatisfaction. However, HR professionals can increase employee engagement through employee training.

The Benefits of Cross Training

Most employees become frustrated when they are forced to remain in the same position for years without any opportunities for advancement. However, employee training is one of the best ways to allow workers to try new things, learn new skills and apply for promotions. In fact, some employees will discover that they are actually more comfortable with their current position after trying out new duties. As a result, HR should work with supervisors to continually cross-train employees. Having multiple backups for every position will also be beneficial for operations.

Reduce Employee Turnover

As previously mentioned, the level of employee engagement directly influences the company’s turnover rate. As a result, HR professionals must spend a large amount of time reviewing resumes and applications, screening candidates and interviewing final applicants. This is a very expensive and time-consuming process. In fact, employment experts estimate that hiring a new employee costs between two to four thousand dollars.

Professional Development

As mentioned above, all employees need some form of professional development courses to help them maintain and improve their skills and knowledge. For example, IT professionals will need annual training on newly released industry standard technologies from companies like Global Learning Systems. On the other hand, even HR professionals will need an annual refresher course on changes to state and federal employment laws. Providing employees with professional development opportunities will increase employee satisfaction, engagement and competition. Fortunately, online training platforms offer cost-effective convenience for employers.

Supervisor Training

People often say that employees don’t quit, they merely fire their bosses. Employment experts note that many workers quit their jobs because they are dissatisfied with their supervisor. Therefore, supervisors also need proper training on how to perform their duties and handle their employees. The most important classes for supervisors include HR, diversity and professional development. HR training will teach supervisors how to avoid legal liabilities and professional development training will help them be more sensitive to the needs and career goals of their subordinates.

In summary, employee training will decrease turnover rates, while increasing employee satisfaction and engagement levels. Employee training can be offered through face-to-face instruction or online platforms.

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