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Which Are The Top 5 Car Brands People Prefer?

According to consumer reports, the top five car brands which ruled the roost last year are, Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi and Chevrolet. In the last few years, many models of cars have shown signs of popularity but the ones that have remained untarnished in fame and choice are discussed below.

Which Are The Top 5 Car Brands People Prefer

Top Preferred Car Brands

  1. Lexus: The all new Lexus range of cars boast of an entirely new level of comfort, design and technology, all combined within a single model. Regardless of their prices, they all have the same quality and performance to offer and truly promise a world-class motoring experience. Some features which deserve applause are automatic climate adjustment system, intelligent lighting and most importantly effective steering and cornering which not only provides immense control to the driver but also increases the thirst for better speed and more efficient driving. The seats are crafted in excellent leather and stand as a testimony of fine craftsmanship. They are flexible and durable, more weather they can withstand all sorts of unfavorable weather effects. Lexus motors are indeed a work of pure art and technology, thus making it rank number one in users’ choice of car brands.

  1. Toyota: The Toyota fleet of cars have reigned car showrooms as well people’s hearts with their distinctive features and their ability to maintain a particular automobile standard even without compromising on design and simplicity. Be it the Toyota Etios or the Toyota Corolla, they all have proved their superiority over other car brands. Some notable features include dual air bags, spacious and luxurious recliner seats, immense boot space and in-built classy cabin. Another important feature is their streamline shape which never fails to make heads turn. No wonder, this particular car brand ranks second among the popular ones.

  1. Mercedes-Benz: With the top speed, gearing power and engine performance of the Mercedes fleet of cars, high price definitely takes a backseat as this brand never fails to enthrall one. The fluidity of its motion and the grace with which it can be steered is unusual. Combined with world class design and seating arrangement, this particular brand holds the third position among most chosen cars.

  1. Audi: Audi surely fuels the desire to power on and never stop, yet ironically this car brand is known mostly because of its powerful braking system. Audi is one class of car brands that is slowly but steadily aiming for number one position, as more and more people are opting for this particular car brand which boasts of a unique combination of engine performance, gearing motion and design. Other features that deserve to be mentioned are cargo capacity, fuel economy, headroom as well as interior upgrades.

  2. Chevrolet: Chevrolet can be best described as complete a no-nonsense family car that is the first choice of drivers who have newly graduated from the position of learners to full-fledged drivers. This particular brand has immense variety comprising of sedans, luxury cars, hatchbacks, SUVs and trucks. High end fashionable cars may come and go, but Chevrolet cars are bound to be on the list of popular car brands. Car dealer Canberra are loyal, efficient and licensed
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