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Where to Buy Jumbo Bags in Singapore

FIBC or jumbo bags are great for transporting, handling and storing granules, powders and other flaky materials. These jumbo bags are generally made of woven polypropylene material and shaped like cubes. In many industries, they are widely used for varying purposes and are in high demand. They are commonly used in construction, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The composition of Singapore jumbo bags are mostly of thick woven polyethene or polypropylene, either coated or uncoated and generally measures around 100 cm in diameter and height varies from 100 cm to 200 cm. the capacity ranges from 1000 kg to 2000 lbs. There is also a bulk bag designed for transporting one metric ton of material. Transporting these jumbo bags are either done by pallets or lifting them from the loops. Jumbo bags are made of two or four lifting loops. Emptying a bag of materials is done through a special opening at the bottom like the discharge spout of which a number of ways where it can be done or by simply cutting it open.

In Singapore, there are a lot of stores where FIBC’s are sold. Here’s a list of the few stores that offer them:

Rockwell Engineering & Equipment PTE LTD

Located at 24 Tuas Ave 8, Rockwell offers lots of construction supplies from excavator rentals, jumbo bags and cotton gloves.

Harvest Trading Enterprises

Located at 23 Neythal Road, #06-04 Singapore, they offer an unlimited number of the box, small, valve, jumbo, and FIBC bags, which are available in different design and sizes.

Zheng Fa Trading

Located at Blk 1769, Geylang Bahru #01-06, Kallang Distripark Singapore, Zheng Fa Trading was established in 1993 with a wealth of experience in dealing with plastic products. They source their products locally and overseas to meet competitive prices for all customers. They are located in the heart of Singapore and can provide prompt deliveries everywhere in the region. They specialize mainly in garbage/trash bag, LDPE plastic sheets and pallet stretch film but they also offer one tonner jumbo bags.

Ssangleong Bulkhandling Pte Ltd

Located at 120 Pioneer Road Singapore 639597, Ssangleong has evolved from a small bulk bag trading firm in 1981, when such bags were much unheard of to a full-fledged company, manufacturing and exporting a wide range of industrial packaging products, such as Ssuper Sack (also known as FIBCs, jumbo bag and bulk bag).

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