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Where Have The Jobs Gone? 5 Cities Where You Can Find Them

When the economy is struggling and jobs aren’t as prevalent, it is important to keep your options open in terms of where you are willing to work. Some places offer more job opportunities than others, which could require you to uproot and move. Luckily, many of these cities offer great atmospheres that will make living and working in a new place a lot of fun. Here are five cities where you can find jobs and an enjoyable place to live.

San Francisco

The competition is tough in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. However, there are new tech firms being started there all the time, and there are plenty of options to find a job that could lead you into a new career. San Francisco provides great living, but even if you want to live elsewhere, nearby cities like Oakland and Fremont also expect to have job growth in the coming year.


Texas is a huge hotbed for technology. While many people may flock to cities like Austin or Dallas, Odessa offers plenty of job options as well. In 2011, Odessa was ranked the eighth best small city to live in America by Forbes, but in 2012, that rank shot up to first overall. Major industries include the energy field, education, and technology. The unemployment is as low as four-percent and cost of living is around six-percent below the national average. This city provides a wide range of housing options. Furnished apartments in Odessa TX can offer a place to live that is already set up for you. That way you can migrate quickly into your new setting and get to work.


Denver is leading the way in a variety of industries in recent years. This has increased their economy and made for new jobs in a variety of different sectors. Denver is also in close proximity to Fort Collins, Boulder and Colorado Springs, which all offer potential employment options and great living.


The happiest place on earth, Disneyworld, is a continual economy booster for Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida. As the economy comes back from its lows due to the housing bubble, tourism is once again becoming an expenditure that families are willing to splurge on. This, in turn, means that not only will Disneyworld garner more attention, so will the entire area. A few months ago, one study ranked Orlando as the best city for job growth.


Known for more than just great coffee and computer operating systems, Seattle is one of the top places to live in the country. Not only does the city offer a high quality standard of living, but it also provides plenty of job opportunities for those just entering the work force. Seattle expects a 17% increase in employment in the coming year.

While the housing collapse of 2008 still leaves some economies struggling to come back, many cities are on the rise and offer plenty of job opportunities. Consider the places on this list to make the most of your job hunt and find a place you’ll love to be.

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