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What you should know about network automation?

With the statistics pointing towards proliferation in the global network automation which is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 48.7%, during the forecast period (2018 – 2023), it is essential to talk how network automation is helping network engineer resolve any issues of network or technology.

So what is network automation?

Networking comprises of several repetitive tasks that not only hampers efficiency and overall productivity but exponentially increases the possibility of errors and failures. Automating these routine tasks helps to make the overall processing more efficient, error-free and deliver better results.


Why does an organization need network automation?

Aside from making operation streamline, following are the main reasons as to why every organization should adopt network automation:


Almost half of the network failures are a result of manual errors at the time of configuration of devices and handling updates and switches. Automating an implementing control helps in reducing these errors.


Network automation keeps a track on the network devices register to identify which devices need immediate upgradation, keeping a record of the operating system installed and how long has it been since the device is in operation. Thereby reducing operational cost by only paying for the servicing of device in the network.


One of the major reasons behind network failure is inability regularly perform tasks which affects the downtime. Network automation facilitates consistent deployment, keep a check on the security and network management setting, enhance network scalability and thereby minimize the risk of network failure.


Network topology drawings are an essential part of network troubleshooting, but at the same time sketching it can get dragging. Network automation helps in identify erratically behaving topologies, check for any redundant connection. Topologies are necessary for effective network planning and to prevent any outrage.

Now that you are well aware of the significance of network automation, let us help you guide through some of the tasks that network automation should be automating:

Administration of network files and services:

Instead of manually starting and restarting the devices and services that run and shut down abruptly, automate them. Similarly, with the increasing workload, the number of files also increases. You can effectively manage these files by automating their storage process.

Monitoring performance of the network:

Daily monitoring of network and managing the performance can be a tiresome and weary job from the network administrator. Automate these tasks and let the designated employees focus on achieving better goals.

Network security:

Automated security scans of devices, databases, and systems to ensure that with the increase in network size and intricacy, the manifold of mundane tasks does not affect the competency of the network administrator. Regular backups are also necessary to ensure heightened network security.

Looking for an effective network automation tool?

Purchase online, where you will be able to find automation tools that do not require you to be a programming expert. You will be able to take advantage of easy to use interface tool that follows customer-driven development protocol and provide you with error-free service at an affordable price.

So do not let your time and precious resources go to waste.

Automate today!

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