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What Small Businesses Can Do To Protect Their Data

Information is one of the most important assets a small business can have. Protecting it from identity thieves and malicious software is paramount to keeping your enterprise running smoothly. Yet since most of these unscrupulous characters and harmful systems work behind the curtains, most business owners fail to proactively combat the problem until eventually a large chunk of their data gets leaked and used wrongfully.

Keep the Office WiFi a Work-Only Zone

If your small business owns or lease physical space, you probably have computers for you and your employees, which are interconnected through a WiFi network. Establish a strict rule that restricts your employees from searching anything on the web that isn’t related or necessary for work. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to block harmless channels like BBC and Forbes, but keeping a good eye at your workforce’s web browsing activities can minimize data threats.

Organize Secure Payment Methods

Especially when your business has a physical presence that caters to in-person purchases, your data security concerns must be extended further. As the financial industry advances, so are the technologies that can be used to pay for purchases, from credit cards to mobile apps. From a surface level, these advances do seem more convenient, yet it lacks protection from a security standpoint.

Look at Your Network Choices

The smallest of businesses might be able to protect their network from most threats by investing in a high-quality router. Moreover, make sure to change the router’s password regularly. To add an extra layer of network protection, try to use different complex passwords for different departments or services your business has. You don’t want to be exposing all your systems if a hacker is able to crack your one password. To ensure your network stays safe, consider having an Ottawa IT services professional provide your business with managed IT services. This can help close any gaps in your security that could allow potential intrusions.

Train Your Workforce to Be Smart

Make them aware of the presence of social engineers who are well-trained in extracting confidential information. These scam artists may request personal information of your clients through phone or email. If an employee is not knowledgeable of social engineering, they can easily fall prey to even the simplest tactics. Train them to identify cues that strongly suggest a false identity.

All of these protocols are simple enough to be implemented on a regular basis, yet the level of protection they add to your existing data infrastructure remain timeless and significantly important.

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