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What Aspects Should You Consider Whilst Running A Design Oriented Business?

What Aspects Should You Consider Whilst Running A Design Oriented Business?

To be more specific, we’re talking about digital design. Now it’s a given that you need the money, the human resource, the technology, but there’s a lot more on the table that you need to take into account as an owner or manager of a design business. So pause… and read.

Know Your Goals

Duh! Every company has it’s long term goals outlined. Remind yourself of yours every morning because that is the only way you’ll ever achieve them; there’s no second way around that. And in case you have no clue as to where you see yourself with your digital design business in the next couple of years… SIT DOWN AND THINK HARD!

Provide an Inspirational Space

Many might not value this, but the simplest of facts is that a creative business cannot flourish if there is no creativity – or motivation to be creative. Graphic designers are digital artistes; and like most artistes, they too need to be inspired! Providing your designers and content writers with the ideal working space and ambiance would definitely facilitate them in spilling out all those creative juices a lot faster you know. And we’re not just talking about a pretty building; the flexibility to choose a working position they’re comfortable in – couches, recliners, the floor – not everyone likes a claustrophobic cubicle!Be creative with the workplace so that it can inspire; provide thought boards and a creative library. Also, we know that meeting deadlines is crucial, but cut down on the unnecessary stress that you probably throw on them by being a horrible boss.

Understand Your Creative Team

Design students have it hard when they enter professional lives after graduating as most often their academics nurture them as artists while ignoring a big chunk of the practicality bit. What we mean to say is that though they may be technically and aesthetically sound, they may be incapable of dealing with the mindset of an annoying client to say at the very least. This isn’t a set back; it just increases your responsibility as a manager or owner. You have to help designers understand the dynamics of a professional world and work your way to bridge the gap between their rather ‘individualistic’ approach as an artiste and what is expected out of them as part of a collaboration. or team effort.

At this point, we’d also say that learn to detach yourself from your work. You may love your ideas, but if your client doesn’t, then save them for some other time. This goes for the owners and the creative people.

Stay Updated!

it’s important to keep your staff – and more importantly yourself – updated with what’s happening in the digital world. Change is the only constant hence why customization is always welcome; and technology changes with the blink of an eye. Systems, software, trends, demands… it’s all in the kitty. And in order to adapt, you need to invest in employee training programs and workshops as well.

Marketing And Sakes

leave no stone unturned! The digital media is the new medium, and its rapidly growing. You’d definitely want to step up your game in terms of making your presence felt in the digital world or else there are plenty of others out there waiting to take your spot.Considering that you are a company providing digital services, your own company website is by far the best way to put out your company profile and strengths out there. The social media too can be used to come up with interesting and more interactive marketing ideas to broaden your reach.

Client Servicing

Yes… the real reason why your there – apart from the fact that you want to make lots of money! Client servicing can effectively make – or break your business. Now we wouldn’t endorse the popular notion that ‘the client is always right’, but yes… do as directed. Make sure that your clients’ demands are being met, their queries are being answered and their problems are being solved effectively by your team. It is important for your boys – and girls to fully understand the client rather than the client having to explain himself to them; often valuable information can be left out in the latter incident. And be nice to your clients… politeness goes a long way… no matter what you think of them, or say behind their backs!

Time Management

Time management workshops and training programs are a must from time to time because this is probably that one single problem that always resurfaces time after time again! We’ve already stated that deadlines are crucial; you definitely can’t afford to waste time in this business with cutthroat competition. It is important to manage projects in an orderly fashion, impending workloads can be a major stress factor generating negative energy in the workplace… and we know you wouldn’t want that. If you fail to deliver on time, the only thing you’ll be left with is a very unhappy client… and plenty of time on your hands to ponder over where you went wrong!

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