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What Are The 5 Designs Of Brochure?

What Are The 5 Designs Of Brochure?

Brochuresare a leading marketing material used for a number of businesses. There is hardly any business venture which does not get its brochure printed and circulated among the customers. There are many types of materials used for printing of the brochures. It all depends on the requirements of the business and similarly the brochure is printed. There are some common designs such as rectangle, square and round that brochures are made of, while in some cases one can see the design in different shape i.e. shape of the product of the company.

The design and outlook of the brochure depends on the type of business. The common business organizations go for routine designs while there are business organizations which differ from others in terms of their products as well as brochures also. Such brochures are are given customized designs, but only a few organizations prefer customized design as it involves a bit higher cost than normal brochures. There are experts in the area of brochure printing who can help one in getting a perfect design of the brochure and make them more attractive. The more the brochures are circulating the better the business can grow is the simple fundament of marketing.

What Are The 5 Designs Of Brochure?

What are the 5 Designs of Brochure?

1. Single page brochure: This is the most preferred way of advertising through brochures. The single page brochures can be useful for those businesses which have only a few details of the product and only a few products such as banks, insurance companies and brokers.

2. Bi-fold design: This design is popular among the businesses which have more than 10 products and the details of these products are also required to be published on such material. There are many businesses such as gold show rooms, automobile showrooms which provide such kind of brochures.

3. Tri-fold design: As the name suggests, it is having three folds and a bit longer than other designs of brochures. It is a perfect brochure for those businesses which have many products and much details to share with the customers. There are many materials such as hard paper, silk paper and plastic material on which three fold brochure can be printed.

4.Multifold design: For any business where the products and associated details are in huge number to display on the brochure, the company needs to opt multi fold design. This kind of brochures is usually used for real estate and corporate projects which need to have aa lot of detail about various services and on going projects etc.The multifold design brochure need to be of good quality material only otherwise it can be torn in few days only. An economic brochure printing in this design cannot work

5. Customized design: Usually this sort of brochures are preferred when some special products or items are launched. For example on launching of a new cell phone the company can go for brochure of cell phone design and mention all its features in it. Although these brochures are costly, but as they are made of unique design, they attract attention of the customers easily.

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