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What A Dropbox Business Account Is For


For those of you that do not know yet (which I am sure you do and have heard of it!), dropbox is a storage facility for files to store them away from your own personal computers. Many people are using it as a backup facility for their own personal files so that they are safe, others are using it for business so that staff can gain access and audit files and others are just using it as a sharing facility for family and friends!

Convert Your Existing Account

Dropbox does let you convert your existing account to a business account, there are many reasons people may want to make the switch the main reasons is the fact of being able to manage an entire team of staff with a few clicks!

There are some powerful management tools available to help you manage your team and keep track of all of your staff and their usage of Dropbox. It is possible to switch your existing account to business but once done you cannot transfer it back to a personal, not like you would want to with the powerful features a business account has anyway!

The Features

Dropbox have created a very versatile admin menu where you can not only keep track of your team you can also look over which devices are associated with each account, you can unlink devices and just generally look over your workflow from all of the staff to make sure they are doing what they should be!


The security generally remains the same but there are a couple extra features such as changing your staff passwords and getting other useful insights like when they last logged into their accounts and used them, you can setup two step verification so they have two different authentication they must go through before they are logged in.


For what you get, I think the pricing is extremely fair, the pricing for business accounts is a little different from the personal as the business account is priced by how many team members you would like to access Dropbox. Though there are huge differences in price as the personal is from $99 per year and the business account is from a whopping $795 per year!

Though you get version history and recovery free, phone support free and many other features that make up for this price, so if you are thinking of investing for your company, personally I think it would be a great move!

Bio: Sophie uses Dropbox in her business and her staff use it on a daily basis, though many use Dropbox for backing up files and sharing them Sophie uses ShareFile by Citrix for this task as she believed the use of data centres are more efficient in keeping your files secure.

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