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Ways To Keep Your New Business Safe and Secure

Ways to Keep your New Business Safe and Secure

In a modern digital world, businesses need much more than just cyber security. Although the latest news has been about data breaches and stealing information electronically, it’s even easier for criminals to gain access to classified information and supplies if they can access your office building. Physical security measures need to be taken in order to safeguard businesses from common real life threats.

Video Surveillance

Modern CCTV surveillance systems use advanced video cameras that capture footage in high definition. Videos are recorded to an external DVR that is located in an onsite office control room. All videos can be archived and then reviewed digitally. Live streaming is also possible with modern video cameras that also have night vision capabilities for exterior applications. If you choose to use video technology, be sure that you use a secure network and servers. Hackers have been known to get into video surveillance systems and gain confidential information that way.

Third Party Monitoring

Security surveillance services can be outsourced to third party companies that provide 24/7 monitoring of a business facility. Such companies can dispatch the police, fire department and other services when needed. Third party surveillance companies receive video and audio feeds from an existing surveillance and alarm system of a particular business. This can be very helpful for business owners who no longer have to get out of bed in the middle of the night for every false alarm.

Fence Fortification

Heavy duty commercial fencing solutions from companies like City Fence in Toronto provide extra security for certain businesses such as warehouses and distribution centers. Chain link and wrought iron fences can be installed in various heights to prevent vandalism and unwanted visitors at any time of the day or night. Barbed wire may also be applied to the top of chain link fences that are difficult to penetrate. The fences may be combined with rolling or sliding entrance gates for vehicles. Fences with monitored vehicle entrances are a great way to keep track of who comes and goes.

Security Doors

The entrances and exits of a business can be secured with commercial quality security doors. For example, such doors may use digital locks to control entry and exits. Digital keypads may prompt individuals to enter security codes to open a door. Some high tech doors integrate biometric technology such as fingerprint and eye scanning. Security doors are also made of extra thick fortified steel material that’s tough to penetrate with any common tools or even weapons. The type of door that you need will depend on how secure and secret your business needs to be.


Businesses that have a high pedestrian traffic flow need turnstiles. Such structures are applied for crowd control during the busiest times of the day for a particular business. Some turnstiles may require scanning an ID tag or ticket in order to pass through. Revolving doors are also used for security and safety as they prevent overcrowding. All turnstiles and revolving doors can also be locked to prevent entry or exits during emergency situations.

There are many option to provide great security solutions for businesses. Such physical structures may be combined with armed security guards to offer maximum protection for any business setting such as an office or warehouse. Do you research and find out which security features would work best for your business.

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