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Useful Tips for Web Hosting Companies to Reduce their Energy Usage

If you are charged with the responsibility of monitoring the energy use of the server, it is probable that you will notice that it can be a hog in energy consumption. The big problem is that players in the industry seem to have no standards that can be referred to as solid on managing it. Therefore if you are an administrator in a web hosting company, one of your biggest challenges is on how to tame this. The good thing is that there are some recommendations that can be used to regulate the energy use.
One of the ways of saving energy in a web hosting company is by ensuring that they virtualizes their current set up. Though the benefits may not be immediate in the long run they will be able to notable. When properly put in place, virtualization has been noted to reduce the usage of energy as fewer physical servers will be required in times that are non-peak.
It is also important to ensure the working of both the IT and team that is tasked with energy management. This helps to ensure that when the IT guys are doing their installations, the energy saving team is there to advise on how best to save energy. Therefore through the collaborations of different departments in areas such as the management and monitoring of data centers it is possible to ensure a good performance and a saving of energy resources. Each firm whose business is in web hosting should work towards bringing together both the IT and the team that is engaged in energy management.
It is also important for the company to treat energy saving as an important part of its operations. In most firms, the initiatives to save energy are not treated seriously despite of the cost to the organization. Therefore it would be important for a company to set aside a budget to put in place projects that ensure energy savings. When these projects are put in place, not only do they flourish but also ensure the reduction of costs.
One other important way of controlling the energy cost is to incorporate metrics to measure the consumption of energy. This is important as they are able to find where there is a gap so as to fill it. Through the use of both the building and also the management system it becomes possible to put in place remedial measures to ensure the efficient consumption of energy.
The company can also put into place suitable measures to ensure generations of energy using other sources of energy that are sustainable such as solar cells or even wind turbines. Alternatively the company can also use fuel cell to save the cost of energy. These methods can also be very effective especially when they are integrated with a CHP i.e. ‘combine heat & power system. Also when a company uses green power, it is able to reduce pollution and also the emission of green house gases.
There is also a solution from Google which works as a data center that allows sellers to come up with drop-in solution to be used by their clients. This also offers a very effective way of usage of energy. This is because there is no need to build a data center from scratch. There is also a high possibility of a quick return on the company’s investment due to the lower expenses incurred in both capital and operating cost. There the data center is a useful resource that any manager should consider utilizing. When these measures are put into place, it becomes possible for companies to save their energy resources.
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