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Upgraded Security: Give Your Business An Extra Boost

Every business owner should know that the day-to-day safety of their employees and the protection of their company is their responsibility. From security measures to the removal of workplace hazards, a few simple pro-active steps will go a long way when it comes to safety, healthy, and security.

Review WorkplaceSafety and Security Policies

Maintaining a safe environment within a company will involve much more than simply meeting state and federal OSHA standards. Company owners need to take a fresh look at their workplace safety policies at least once a year or any time that there is a significant increase in employees or movement to a new facility. Once these policies are reviewed and updated, a safety seminar should take place immediately for all current employees including outside contractors when possible.

Upgrade Security Devices Regularly

Many business owners, especially those that have recently started expanding their business, fail to upgrade their security measures regularly. Even locks, gates, and cameras that are a few years old could have major flaws and risks, and a few affordable upgrades at regular intervals will keep a company’s security ahead of the criminals. Options such as an updated wireless alarm system that is monitored by a security agency will help many business owners avoid serious legal issues. If you aren’t sure if your security system is up to snuff, contact Babb Lock & Safe Co Ltd. in Newfoundland or a security company near you.

Create Safety and Security Positions

Companies within the United States lose between $20 and $40 billion every single year due to theft, burglary, shoplifting and fraud. One of the most effective ways to combat this is to use one or more employees as safety and security advisors. While it is always best to consult with a security company for more comprehensive systems, having an employee that spends a small portion of their day or week on security can go a long way. This may include everything from testing smoke detectors and radon kits to securing gates and activating an alarm at the end of the day.

Provide Mental Health and Addiction Services to Employees

A single accident involving workplace violence or damage that is the result of an employee under the influence can devastate a company. Along with huge increases to insurance premiums, business owners could be looking at ongoing lawsuits that will eat up company assets. To lower the chance of these issues, every employer should have readily-available information on mental health services and assistance with drug or alcohol addictions as a vital component in a larger risk management plan.

A significant percentage of accidents and crimes committed against a company are never even caught, and this can have a serious impact on one’s business. By staying on top of safety and security measures before a problem ever exists, business owners will be protecting their employees and their company’s profitability.

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