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Upcoming Motorsports Events around UK 2014

Motorsports involves a group of competitive activities characterized by use of motorize vehicles; motorsport may entail a racing or non-racing events. Motorsports in the UK provides the fans and participants a taste of fun different from the ordinary way of life, the numerous Motorsports events in UK left in the calendar which you need to check out to make the remaining part of the year awesome. This article focuses on the upcoming motorsports events around UK and all the details you need to know about the events, these events are;

Classic Motorcycle Festival

  • The classic motorcycle festival presented by the XFX will be a three day event happening on the 8th, 9th and the 10th of August at the Donington Park is an event you should not miss.
  • During the events you have a chance to experience great range of racing bikes such as the GP bikes, superbikes, four stroke as well as multi-cylinder bikes among many others.
  • The event also features Lansdowne races, 40 CRMC Championship races and the ACU Championship Classic races.
  • The legendary Kevin Schwantz who won the Grand prix on the Donington Park which also hosts the events will be the special guest to the events. Other activities that will also take are the fly-past and the club bikes show.
  • Advance tickets are available at varying prices in regard to the date of the event as it a series, you can also get gate tickets; for children below the age of 13 years, entry to the event will be free as long they are accompanied by the parents.

Thundersport GB Motorcycle Races

  • The 27th and 28th September should remain marked on your calendar as the Donington Park will once again open its gates and welcome you the Thunder sport GB motorcycle series of series.
  • The Thundersport GB has for long been hailed as the “Home of Sportsman racing” which offers much excitement when it comes to motorcycle racing, this events the Donington Park the only sports arena you can visit twice per season, with a degree of difficulty expected to be 1/10 the events which is accessible to adults and kids with the local residents paying 5 euros less than others.
  • All races will be televised to make sure you grasp every moment of fun as it unfolds. Book your tickets now as well as your hospitality package which is available different prices.

2014 Hertz British Grand Prix Moto GP

  • One of the greatest sporting events of the year that you must attend, the events will take place 29th -31st August 2014 at the Silverstone which is one of the world’s most prestigious venues consecrated to motorsport.
  • The total distance of the Hertz British Grand Prix Moto GP is about 118.0km (73.3 miles).
  • The smell, thrill and the noise of the race is not same on TV as you watch it live, the ticket sales will be available later with children below the age of 13 enjoying free entry to the event. The above are some of the great upcoming motorsport events around the UK in the remainder of 2014.

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I am Jessica, freelancer and part time blogger. I love reading and writing blogs. Apart from this I like travelling around the world and share my travelling experience by means of my article. Currently I am doing a research work on dsa theory test which helps you to have a safe drive.

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