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TOUR Expedition Plans To Consider When Travelling To Southern Italy

Discover the secret gems of Southern Italy whenever you travel to this region.

If you are visiting Southern Italy for the first time, then consider making it a swell fun filled moment for yourself and loved ones.

You can venture into southern Italy on an expedition with the following schedules in place.

Plan A

Visit Puglia, the peninsula and explore whitewashed villages enclosed by ancient olive groves and then visit the rugged landscapes of Basilicata and the famous sassi, or cave dwellings of Matera. And add to the fun spice by exploring more; the elegant Amalfi Coast and the striking ruins of Pompeii, Oplontis, and Paestum.

Plan B

Venture into Valle D’Itria, traveling through sites of brick red terrain, and silvery olive trees. See the beautiful and elegant mansions in the baroque village of Martina Franca and also explore Alberobello, a World Heritage site which offers insight into this mysterious form of architecture that dates back to prehistoric times.

TOUR Expedition Plans To Consider When Travelling To Southern Italy

Plan C

Visit the city of Lecce – a town known for its sophisticated baroque architecture and the Roman amphitheater which remains visible under the present-day piazza. Enjoy free time to explore this city and enjoy the super sumptuous lunch it provides to visitors. Take pleasure in its wine also and feel satisfied like never before.

Plan D

Explore the archeological site of Egnazia, where Bronze Age and Roman ruins continue to be discovered regularly. Journey more to the mountain regions of Basilicata where you find the astonishing hill town of Matera. This is a World Heritage site that features ancient dwellings and caves.

Plan E

Travel west to the olden Greek archaeological site of Paestum and explore its glorious temples. Move on to the animated and elegant town of Sorrento, perched on the Bay of Naples.

Plan F

Ride to the Amalfi Coast where picturesque towns and villages nestle among cliffs that drop theatrically to the sea, then take a stop in Amalfi, once one of Italy’s 4 pronounced maritime republics, and see its beautiful cathedral. Also don’t forget to see Positano, rested on the cliff face at the water’s edge, and enjoy free time to wander the steep streets.

Plan G

See Pompeii, a town frozen in time when the famous Mount Vesuvius exploded in a.d. 79, covering the area in a thick layer of ash and debris. The site was only discovered many years later, when, in 1748, explorers excavated dwellings, everyday objects, and the bodies of Pompeii’s residents, all remarkably preserved in the volcanic ash. You should venture into this impressive and evocative city, see its country homes, and get an uncommon sight of daily life of nearly generations past., is your number one source to enjoying your stay in Southern Italy!

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