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Top Phones With The Best Rear Cameras Under Rs.20,000!

Top Phones With The Best Rear Cameras Under Rs.20,000!

It wouldn’t be an under-statement to say that phone cameras are fast eating the market of digital cameras. With more and more people using only their phones for capturing moments, digital cameras are been bid goodbye slowly and slowly. Smartphones companies are well aware of this fact which is why they are introducing primary cameras with high quality. If you are a photography fanatic and do not like to carry your bulky DSLR everywhere with yourself for taking pictures, you have come at the right page. This post will show you the best phones which have an amazing rear camera and fall under the price tag of Rs.20,000:

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi phones are mostly famous for their stunning camera quality and stylish looks which they have stolen from iPhones. Xiaomi Mi4’s camera can give a close competition to your basic digital camera. It has a 13 mega pixel primary camera which is fast to activate, focus and capture moments before they are gone. It takes only 0.5 seconds to get launched and that too without any shutter lag. It auto-focuses in just 0.3 seconds. So you don’t have to worry about not being able to take pictures of any special memory because the camera took time to launch. The phone is available in two variants i.e. 16GB and 64 GB. Choose one according to your storage and budget requirements.

 Top Phones With The Best Rear Cameras Under Rs.20,000!

Moto X Play

Motorola has been launching powerful phones one after the other in recent times. If I had to use a movie line, it would be that it has been consistent in delivering hits and wooing audience. Moto X Play has a whopping 21 mega pixel camera which captures crystal clear and true to life images. It is equipped with rapid flash, auto HDR and color balancing, dual LED flash so that you don’t struggle with taking clear images in low lighting conditions. The other features of the phone also make it a tempting option.

Top Phones With The Best Rear Cameras Under Rs.20,000!

 One Plus One

One Plus One in 64GB variant created a lot of hype even before it got launched. The phone has a 5.5 inch screen which is designed to deliver HD visuals of 1920×1080 pixels. It has a beautiful 13 mega pixel Sony Exmor IMX214 camera with a f/ 2.0 aperture which will help you take crisp and clear images even in dark. The camera is known to have 6 physical lenses which means the details will be precise and clear of distortion to a large extent.

Top Phones With The Best Rear Cameras Under Rs.20,000!

HTC Desire 820

– The 4.7 inch screen phone has been a hot seller. It has a primary camera of 13 mega pixels which will help you capture incredible photographs. It performs decently even in low lighting conditions. It is blessed with features such as Geo-tagging, touch focus, HDR, panorama, face detection, BSI sensors and 1080p video recording.

Top Phones With The Best Rear Cameras Under Rs.20,000!

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

The stylish phone has a 13 mega pixel pixel master rear camera. It has a focal length of 2.0 aperture so that you don’t experience problems in capturing photographs when there isn’t enough light. It has zero shutter lag, Toshiba sensor and dual LED real tone flash which will help you take high resolution images comfortably.

Top Phones With The Best Rear Cameras Under Rs.20,000!

The laser auto-focus technology will be another bonus for your close-up photography shots.

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