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Top Jobs For Outgoing And Not So Outgoing People

Radio Monitoring Denver
Radio Monitoring Denver

Face it; we come in a beautiful world of people in all shapes and sizes. We also come in all kinds of personalities. This is a great and positive thing because we can fill many jobs and make an individual impact in the world isn’t that a great thing?! Here we will assist you in finding a job that suites you and your personality whether you are outgoing or not!  The business world needs both and needs people in the less thought of careers as well like Radio Monitoring Denver or web copy writer or one of the many others.

So let’s look at those valuable introverts shall we? Now let’s make a little disclaimer first and say that just because you are introverted doesn’t mean you are not a lover of people, it just may mean you prefer working alone or only to a certain capacity with the public. It is a valuable skill either way to give the company you or with.

Top 3 Jobs For Introverts

Here we have examples of three jobs that cover a wide spectrum of indoor, outdoor, white and blue collar genres.

•    Data Processor: This is a perfect job for those who really don’t want to be bothered handling the public. The only heads up here is make sure that you ask the employer if you are data entry/customer service as this is the way a lot of companies are getting two jobs out of one and you may be surprised.

•    Animal Handling Careers: This is great for animal lovers. There is minimal customer care involved if any.

•    Landscaper: This is a great one if you are a fresh air and sunshine lover. Just beware of the heat in some regions.

Top 3 Jobs for extraverts

•    Radio Monitoring Denver and media monitoring: This is similar to the data processor only you will need to report the data as well as collect it. You may also need to put out fires as they come up because the data you collect is in regards to the reputation of the company. So essentially you need to be a people person with PR skills for this so this is a perfect job in the number one spot right here. The other great thing about this career pathway is you can collect the media clips and sell them for a pay per clip rate as a freelancer with your own business.

•    Mediator: This is definitely a people oriented business which is a bit of an extreme in that sense. You have to actually mediate conflict in a business circumstance or in a personal one depending on whether you are working for a therapist or a traditional business in which case you would mediate conflict between the business and clients or persons within the business.

In conclusion, whatever your choice, Radio Monitoring Denver, Mediator or Data Processor, you will be happier with a job that suits your personality.

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