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Top 5 Reasons to Use Promotional Video to Promote Your Business

promotional videos for business

It’s almost inevitable. Video will become the dominant method for content consumption across most media platforms soon. Telecommunications giant Cisco predicts that video will makeup close to 85% of all Internet traffic by the early 2020s. Currently, close to 95% of consumers have immediate access to their smartphones during commercial breaks according to a Facebook survey. A whopping 80% of consumers search out helpful demonstration videos before making a purchase.

For any business, promoting products and services through the medium of video will eventually yield the greatest return on investment. Like digital marketing expert and CEO Gary Vaynerchuk espouses regarding online sales- it’s all about attention. In the near future, video is going to capture the most amount of attention from potential customers. Success of any organization will not hinge on type, but more so the ability to take advantage of social media and app-based trends. Here are the top 5 reasons to use promotional video to market your business.

  1. Producing video content is a cheaper alternative to other forms of marketing

It use to be that businesses needed to set aside considerable budgets in order to reach customers in the newspapers, on the radio, in magazines, billboards and more. If you lacked that kind of capital, more than likely your organization floundered. Today, it no longer requires thousands of dollars to produce a video. A live video can be recorded onto an ordinary smartphone in a matter of seconds. As a bonus, the shorter and more raw the video experience, the better.

  1. The 95 to 10 Rule

Forbes reported that video viewers mentally retain 95% of what they see as opposed to only remembering 10% of written content. While not officially a rule, it can be considered a rule of thumb. Entrepreneurs should consider the changing digital environment. Not making use of video tools available through the numerous platforms will end up costing more than it would cost to implement.

  1. Creating and optimizing video drives organic traffic

Video is undoubtedly an important aspect in any digital marketing plan. It’s the most important tool in your search engine optimization toolbox. A short, valuable YouTube video with the appropriate metadata is most likely to end up at the top of Google search results due to Google owning YouTube. According to research from BrightCove, creating compelling video experiences pays off dividends; with a triple digit increase in reported search positions.

  1. By the 2020s, video will account for most of internet traffic

There’s going to be an 80-something percent chance that your next customer will watch a video before making the next potential purchase. Go to where they will most likely spend the most time. Because most of your potential customers will also possess a smartphone, making them easier to reach as smartphone users are the reason ad conversions continue to increase.

  1. Over half of marketing agencies say video works

Taking the time and investing in promotional videos really works according to digital marketing executives like the aforementioned Gary Vee. The writing is on the wall and on the charts. The content Marketing Institute reported that 82% of businesses view video as being the most imperative weapon in their marketing artillery.

Don’t fall victim to the future. Video is growing and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Promoting your products and services has never been easier. The ability to produce video that builds value with customers has never been easier.

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