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Top 5 Indications of Abnormality In Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an adventurous time in your life. It is full of changes —physical and mental — which can be a cause of joy as well as concern. However, sometimes certain changes do not feel right and you must inform the doctor about it. Read on to know some of the most disconcerting changes that you must keep an eye out for.

Bleeding or spotting

Bleeding in any form and form any part of the body can be uncomfortable and frightening. In the first two months spotting completely normal as the embryo is trying to get implanted in the uterus. In case you had sex, then, a bit of bleeding from a vaginal tear or cervical infection is also possible none of which is a cause of concern. But sometimes the bleeding can be an indication that the cervix is opening up or getting shorter both of which can lead to a miscarriage. Sometimes in cases of ectopic pregnancy also there is pain along with spotting.

Slow movements of the baby

It is a great feeling when the baby moves and kicks inside you. By the 18th week of the pregnancy, it is a normal thing to happen and they are more frequent during the night rather than the day. If the movements are too less then try drinking a glass of orange juice or some iced water. The sugar intake or change in temperature often makes the infant move. Alternatively, you can lie to your side and count the movements. If it is less than 5 in 30 minutes then you may consider speaking to a doctor.

Temperature rise

Fever in pregnancy is not a good sign at all. It can be an indication of some form of infection in the body which can be unrelated to pregnancy but can cause an impact on your condition. If the fever does not recede in a day or two consult a doctor for proper medication and a check-up. These are some of the signs of abnormal pregnancy which you should not ignore.

Pain in the calf

Leg cramps are quite common during this time but you must be able to differentiate it from the pain of deep vein thrombosis which happens due to blood clotting in your leg. The rise in progesterone causes the veins to expand which restricts the normal flow of blood to the veins. It is a good idea to consult a doctor regarding this.


Short and mild contractions are perfectly normal during the entire term of your pregnancy. These are known as Braxton Hicks contractions and can be felt more specifically as you near the due date. It is an indication that the pregnancy is going normally and the body is getting ready for the delivery of the infant. However, if you have more pronounced contractions in the early stages of the pregnancy then it might not be a very good sign. It makes perfect sense to get a consultation from a doctor regarding these abnormal pregnancy symptoms.

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