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Top 4 Fine Art Programs

Top 4 Fine Art Programs

For those who want to go into fine arts career can opt from a number of online Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, which normally presents accurate, formal and abstract approaches to art. People who are taking up bachelor of fine arts online can finish all the components of the curriculum in the comfort of their homes. Majors can be obtained from various fields like graphic design, painting or illustration. These online fine arts programs are imparted by faculty members that are actually practicing artists and have the knowledge.

Top 4 Fine Art Programs

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design was established in 1978. The university has 8,478 undergrad students. Enrolling for their fine arts program will cost $30,510 USD. Around 61.9% of applicants will be accepted into their program. Majors that they offer include graphic design, photography, film/cinema/video studies, illustration, animation, technology/video graphics & special effects. Savannah College has teamed up with Behance to produce an online network for their students and alumni. This will allow works of their students to attain exposure to possible clients.

Southern New Hampshire University

Students that are into digital photography can enroll on Southern New Hampshire University’s online degree. Under their bachelor’s degree in digital photography, students will engage in topics like the business of photography, lighting for photography, design and color theory, photographic narratives and documentary. Their online program will provide students a background on social media, branding, and business to aid them in enhancing their skill using a digital camera. After students graduate, they can have careers in areas like scientific photography and portrait photography.

Goucher College

Goucher College has an online program for those interested in attaining a Masters of Arts or Master of Fine Arts in Digital Art. Their program will need to have their students a residency and to attend face-to-face sessions for a year at their campus located in Baltimore, Maryland. They have a multidisciplinary program that includes animation, computer programming, new media, music, traditional art disciplines and web development. They offer collaborative courses wherein students will work together on projects and allow them to create a merchantable portfolio that will show-off their skills.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University has an online program on Master of Fine Arts in Creativity that’s created to assist students make a profession from their works by adding entrepreneurship classes into their customary Masters in Fine Arts classes. Their program allows students to focus on various fields such as architecture, costume design, graphic art, public art, and writing. Their program includes a 10-day on-campus residency and two virtual residencies. Students will also have to finish seven main courses and a thesis, project, and presentation. Students will learn topics like art market awareness, creativity and technology, art and value creation and small enterprise basics.

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