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Top 10 Questions Your Car Accident Lawyer will ask you

Car Accident Attorney Miami

You’ve recently been in a car accident and you are considering making a claim. You know that you need to contact your lawyer but they could ask you a multitude of questions, some that you may not have the answers to but you’d like to be prepared. If this is you, here’s a list of the top 10 questions your car accident lawyer will ask you.

  1. Were you driving?

A simple question, but still an important one. Accidents happen all the time, but your car accident lawyer would like to know if your were in control of the vehicle at the time of the accident. This doesn’t mean you need to be the driver to make a claim, nor does the claim change depending on what seat you were in. Do not forget to explain this during your consultation.

2. Were there witnesses or passengers?

Was it just you? Did you have friends or family in the car with you? Did anyone else see this accident take place? Your car accident lawyer will ask how many people were with you or around the accident. Witnesses and passengers can be helpful in a court of law, providing a different perspective of the accident and you will need as many perspectives as possible to best represent the picture of what happened.

3. What were the road conditions like?

Was the road wet or bone dry? Weather condition can affect how the car reacts and may even be beneficial in explaining how the accident occurred. Mostly, accidents are human error, but the weather can play a significant role. No matter how quickly you applied the brakes or how new the brakes are; if the road is wet, the car can be operating outside of your control.

4. Where and when did the accident occur?

Make sure you provide the location and time the accident occurred. This can give your car accident lawyer a better perspective of the accident. Accidents are more prone to happen at night, but they can still occur during the daytime. Furthermore, is the road infamous for car accidents? It may not necessarily be anyone’s fault but faulty road construction, inconsistent light and terrible road layout can assist in creating accidents.

5. Do you have the information of the other car(s) involved?

Never fail to get the information of those involved. You cannot make a claim without it. You will need their VIN Number, License Plate Number, Car Tag Number, Make, Model, Car and Year but most importantly, you will need their insurance number. Your car accident lawyer will need to know this information to narrow down the people involved and contact their insurance provider to help you make a claim.

6. Did you contact the police?

Simply, contacting your car accident lawyer is not enough. Make sure you contact your local law enforcement officer and make sure you cooperate with their investigation. Contacting the police will help cover your bases when conducting a claim.

7. Have you contacted your insurance provider?

In addition to contacting the police, make sure you have contacted your insurance provider. They can provide you with the information you need about your insurance policy and information on making a claim. Contact both the police and your insurance provider regardless if it was your fault or not.

8. Did you take photographs of the accident and yourself?

A picture is worth a thousand words, similarly, having a picture of the accident and your injuries will help you in making a claim. A picture is solid evidence and knowing how convoluted the law can be, it is best to arm yourself with a picture of the event. Trust me, your lawyer will love you for it.

9. Have you seen or will you see a medical physician?

After an accident, see a medical physician especially if you have sustained any injuries. If the accident was not your fault and you have significant information to aid your claim, medical bills can often be paid in full.

10. Have you signed anything?

After an accident, your legal rights are the least of your concern but it is extremely important that you contact your attorney before you sign anything. Insurance providers do not always work to assist you. Do not be at their mercy.

Panter Law have a form you can fill out after your accident and a list of things you should do after your accident. It is the best way to prepare yourself before seeing your lawyer and will serve you in making a claim.

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