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Toilet Seat Warmer: A Fitting Bathroom Innovation

Toilet Seat Warmer: A Fitting Bathroom Innovation

Innovation is vital for everyone’s survival. More than preserving one’s standard of living, change improves life and gives convenience.

Innovation is also about using resources in a more modern way. It is about keeping up with the times, making one a step higher than the others.

Innovation isn’t all about discoveries and inventions. Often, such technology already existed, only that individuals aren’t aware of it until they’ve experienced it somewhere. Some are already part of our system which considerably improved and has become more sophisticated and modern.

Sometimes, technology is introduced to improve life and bring convenience. Though the current system is working, such innovation is proposed to make life easier. What individuals need is a little boldness to accept the new change and welcome it in their life.

One such innovation that has far-reaching consequence in one’s life and contributes to a better bathroom experience is the toilet seat warmer. This kind of commode isn’t complex at all. Just like any traditional toilet seats, anyone can sit on it, only that it provides warmth and comfort.

Warmth and Comfort

Gone are the cold seats especially in winter. Anyone can use the toilet any time of the day without fear of cold toilet seats. They also have complete control over their sitting standards as the temperature can be easily adjusted.

What is impressive with this kind of toilet seat is that there are models that also provide warm water. Its nozzle can extend from under the seat and with just a simple push on a button releases a soothing warm-water cleansing. Its water temperature can be adjusted depending on the preference of the user.

Go Paperless

This kind of smart toilet have models that come with a bidet. In just a simple push of the button, individuals can clean their behind hands-free. The water from the nozzle is what washes one’s private part.

Usually, one can adjust and regulate the amount of water that reaches one’s body. This translate to one’s preference on how to correctly clean oneself. A user can also opt what level of temperature to use to suit the warmth he expects and deserves. There are also models with an oscillate spray wherein the water stream moves back and forth to ensure a precise cleansing.

From the experience of many, they claim that a bidet cleans better than a toilet paper. It eliminates germ, lessens spread of bacteria, and avoids irritation because of harsh wiping using a toilet paper.

More than the health benefit, the idea of removing tissue paper in the equation means helping the environment on the conservation of trees.

Energy Efficient

A heated toilet seat is not only user-friendly but eco-friendly as well. It comes with an energy saving mode to reduce electricity consumption. The truth is, energy performance or efficiency is one of the fundamental advantages of a toilet seat warmer. This high-tech toilet uses very little power, something that will not hurt the pocket come bills payment nor force individuals to break open their long time earned savings.

Relieves Health-Related Discomfort

For people living with arthritis or for those experiencing stiff muscles, sitting on a toilet seat warmer gives immediate comfort. The warmth it provides soothes muscle aches and pains. Especially during cold weather when arthritis is most painful, a heated toilet seat can make each bathroom visit comfortable and welcoming.

For senior citizens who refuse to make a visit to the bathroom and sit on a cold toilet seat, a heated bidet seat can now change that perspective. The heated option can help them feel relaxed and even ease the tension in their body.

Modern Look

A heated toilet seat is very similar to any traditional toilet seats. It is easy to install, not requiring the need for a plumber and even an electrician. It’s elegant and classy look makes it a welcoming addition to any bathroom.

Added Feature

A heated toilet seat comes in many models, each with modern must-haves, depending on the need of the user.

Some smart toilet seats come with impressive features, a deodoriser included. Many heated bidet seats have built-in deodoriser characteristic that eliminates embarrassing smell after using the toilet and having that bowel movement. With a deodoriser, any foul smell no longer linger. It does not cover up the odour but eradicates it using a carbon filter to purify the air and remove dirty particles responsible for the uncomfortable smell.

There are also heated toilet seats that have a soft illuminating glow that guides users of the placement of the toilet bowl or easy visibility at night. This kind of feature is extra helpful to those who do not like to disturb their nighttime vision as they find their way to the comfort room. Some of these illuminating nightlights have on and off button, or a blue LED light bulb. Others have a built-in light sensor that automatically turns on in dim light.  Either way, they are both long-lasting and energy-efficient.

Another impressive feature is the hands-free lid and flushes wherein the toilet automatically flushes itself.  This hands-free innovation assures fewer germs to pick up or none at all.

A Bathroom Innovation

More than the high degree of comfort a heated toilet seat provides, such unit is also durable with many easy-to-follow features. It is not just a simple waste-removal receptacle but also brings warmth and comfort in a stylish look. One only needs to experience to know the pleasure and advantages it gives.

Innovation makes life easy and comfortable. Others dislike technology perhaps because of the fear of the unknown. But once they have experienced its comfort, they would surely agree that these sophisticated inventions are to keep up with the equally complicated world, making them a step higher than the rest. They are invented to improve every individual’s life. More than ever that now we are feeling the impact of globalisation, technological and knowledge revolutions, innovation brings added value to one’s life. Change like the heated toilet seat makes an impressive improvement to one’s bathroom and also makes the world a better place for both the younger generation and the older ones on this planet.

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