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Tips to buy property in Mumbai

Buying a property is a big decision. Whether you are buying a commercial orresidential property, you need to be wise enough to finalize a perfect property that can aptly fulfil your requirements. Here are some tips that will help you in the process of buying your desired property:


Need Assessment: First of all assess your requirement astutely. If you are looking for a residential property, then you need to decide on the type of property you want to buy viz. plot, bungalow or flat. You should also be clear of the area size that you expect your property to be, number of bedrooms that are necessary for your family, availability of parking space with the property and other basic pre-requisites. You may also list down the luxuries that you want along with your property for example swimming pool, society’s gym, playground etc. All this will help you shortlist suitable options for you out of innumerable supply. Similarly, while buying commercial property, you must be clear whether you want to buy the space for retail operations, wholesale operations or storage purposes. Accordingly, you must figure out the area size and other essentials for conducting your business.

Location Selection: Mumbai has plenty of options for everyone. It may get difficult to select a property for yourself out of available property for sale in Mumbai.Once you are clear in mind of what exactly you want, it is easier to move ahead in right direction. The next step is the selection of location mapping your requirements in this big city of Mumbai. For residential purpose, you must look for basic amenities in the near vicinity for example medical facilities, school, college, entertainment facilities etc. Considering the locality is equally important in case of buying commercial property irrespective of nature of your business.   A property for retail business would be more fruitful only if the property has good approach to business’s target customers. So is the case for wholesale business too. Thus, selecting the right location before buying your property is very important aspect in the process. Selection of location is also affected by your budget. Needless to mention, a higher budget takes you towards better and centralized locations.

Hire an established real estate agency: Need assessment and location selection wins half the battle for you. Now you only should approachrenowned property broker who can understand your requirement well and show you matching properties. Only good brokers can save your time and resources by offering you best deals as per your requisites. Besides this, they also help you in striking justified deal in terms of money. Their support does not end with the completion of deal between buyer and seller, a broker who guides you with all the paperwork till the property is registered in your name, will be the right choice for your deal. Thus, choose a proficient broker, surf few properties with him and select the one that appeals you most.

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