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No water supply one day and the whole routine gets disrupted. Imagine life before the invention of the plumbing system. Similarly, can you fathom how difficult would it be to live in areas with extremely low temperature and frigid climate without an efficient heating system?

A competent plumbing and heating systems are necessary for every home. But the continuously changing weather severely impacts these systems,  which if not maintained timely and adequately could lessen their operating life. Preventative maintenance can extend the life of these systems. Hence follow these simple tips to keep these crucial systems in their best condition:


  • Inspect the plumbing fixtures and appliances for any leaks or drips. With an adequately lit torch, check for any leakage or crack in the drains and faucets, under the sink so that it doesn’t mature into something adverse.
  • Get your water tank inspected after a regular period. Ensure the container, temperature and valves are in proper condition.
  • Check for any cracks or missing pieces in the seal around the base of the toilet to ensure that water doesn’t go on the bathroom flooring or subfloor and rot the wood. Toilet and sinks are more prone to leaks and drips.
  • Clear exterior drainage components like gutter and downspouts. Clogged drainage or downspout might lead to heavy water accumulation around the foundation of the home.
  • Proper pipe insulation to the cold area of the home that might lead to freezing of the pipes like the basement, garage, etc. can prevent the pipes from freezing. If they did freeze, you could expose them to direct sunlight.
  • Make use of sink stoppers and drain filters to prevent the drain from getting clogged with hair, detergent, and soap scum. Debris etc. Also, implement effective disposal techniques.


  • The dust particle, dirt, and debris easily get accumulated on the furnace air filters, which blocks and cut down the air flow. With the air filters blocked, the heating system gets pressurized and has to work even harder to provide warm air. Hence they should regularly be replaced to make the system energy efficient.
  • Check for any leak in the crawl space or the attic, since that might lead to excessive heat loss during winters.
  • Do a regular inspection of the pilot light and adjust it so that furnace turns on correctly. A pilot light should always blink blue light. If instead of blue, its yellow light, that means there is carbon monoxide in your home. Get it checked from a heating contractor in your city.
  • Insulate your pipes with a foam pipe insulation to make sure your receive heat at optimum temperature without any loss once it reaches the vents.

So follow these useful tips to enhance the overall operation and life of your systems. If either the heating or plumbing systems have been making unexplained noises or is getting abruptly shut down, you can seek the help of electrical repairs services in your city. Since both plumbing and heating systems are an expensive investment, be very cautious while selecting the repair service provider. Check for their license, experience, online reviews, etc.

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