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Thoughtful Surprise Ideas for Your Grandma’s Birthday

Grandmas are the best family members in a joint family because they nurture is with so much love, teach us from their life lessons and always give us the best advice! When it’s your grandma’s birthday, you need to surprise her with something thoughtful so that she can cherish these memories till the end of time. So how do you do this for her?

Here are a few thoughtful ways to surprise your Grandma on her birthday –

Surprise Her with Flowers

Send her a bouquet of flowers or simply visit your grandma with a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers! This is the simplest yet the most thoughtful present because flowers speak volumes of emotions. You can also customize these flowers with an antique vase or a showpiece cum pot planter. You can easily select your choice of planter from the various options available on online gifting stores or even online florists’ websites. You can choose for flower delivery in Ajmer, Mumbai, Varkala or any place across India for minimal delivery rates or even completely free delivery! You can add a card with a personalized note to give it a more personal touch!

Gift Her Classic Music Collection

If your Grandma loves to listen to music, you can gift her a playlist made of all the old songs that she loves. You can burn these songs on a CD so that she can play it on her CD player. If she is tech savvy, then you can easily compile a playlist online and mail it to her on her smart phone! Better yet, if you have the budget, buy her an antique vinyl player and an antique collection of vinyl records for her to truly enjoy the music in its classical form!

Take Her Shopping

This is one of the cutest things you can do for your grandma! Make a ladies’ day out with your grandma, your mother, your sisters and go shopping for a fun day at the mall! If she isn’t comfortable walking, you can get her those fancy electric cars to ride at the mall or simply use a basic wheelchair. This will definitely brighten up her mood and give a big smile on her face! You can buy her pretty dresses, hair clips, soaps, candles, skincare and other items which she will definitely be using after purchasing! Don’t forget that the shopping is going to be funded by you because this is the final gift to your grandma on her birthday!

Have a Nice Family Birthday Meal

At the end of the day, you can have a nice family birthday meal together. You can prepare something that your grandma enjoys eating as well as order a birthday cake, candles, chocolates and flowers from any bakery or online gift store that does cake and flower delivery in Ajmer or any part of India. This way, you don’t have to waste time driving up to the bakery, getting stuck in traffic and wasting time and fuel!

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