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Things You Need To Know About Driving In Israel

rent a car in Israel

Every tourist in Israel will tell you how challenging and exciting it is to drive in Israel. It is also easy to lose your way considering many of the traffic signs spread around are not in a language you can read or English for that matter. It’s also possible you are used to driving on the right side, but in Israel driving on the left is the rule, especially if you are from a European country such as England where driving is towards the right. It is also possible an Israel driver, usually impatient will be a wholly new experience.

Things You Need To Know About Driving In Israel

However, no matter what you are doing in Israel, there are a couple of things you need to understand about driving in Israel. If you are worrying about road rage, you do not need to stress so much considering there is GPS you can use perhaps through the Israel car rental you have decided to use. This will definitely get you back to your destination right away. Getting lost is the last thing you should worry about.

Tourists DLs

Driving a car in Israel requires that tourists come with a driver’s license, a valid one. The good news is an international kind of diver’s license is not required and you can definitely use a driving license even for 12 months in your stay in Israel. In case you realise you want to remain in Israel a bit longer, you should definitely apply for an Israel one so that you can drive with comfort and without any hitch.

In Israel, commuting by car is a one of the best things you will ever try. In fact, within just seven hours you should have crossed the entire State of Israel from the Northern tip to the Southern one.

Renting Car

Across Israel are so many car rentals and they are spread across the country with a huge number of them concentrated near Ben Gurion International Airport and Central Israel. To rent a car in Israel from the right company think about cleanliness, safety and choice of cars depending on your own individual needs. You should also be provided with a unique and satisfactory customer service and affordable prices for the car of your choice as you seek to travel Israel, perhaps for your vacation, holiday or honeymoon and see the most newsy country that has always attracted all kinds of visitors for over 2,000 years.

Toll Road

It is also worth noting that there is a single toll road in Israel known as Number Six, running from the Northern part of Israel all the way to the Central part of Israel. In case you decide to use the highway, you might want to sign some agreement with the rental car Israel service you are using beforehand so that you can pay the fees required once you have returned the vehicle.

Do not forget Israel roads are numbered as per their own direction and even if they are numbered they run from north towards the south.  A low number should indicate roads that seem closer towards the south while roads with odd numbers start from the east as they run towards the west of the country.

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