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This amazing Tablet: Apple iPad air 4

Apple has always been on the highest of levels with its high end gadgets and their even more amazing features. Apple does charge us a lot for the devices, but then it offers us the best as well. Apple makes for itself with just one device what the other companies make with three or four. Apple offers the best and so charges the same.

An iPad is something which is a mini version of your laptops and a macro version of the phones. Portable as they are, these seem to be the best for both the business class and students. In fact there have been so much of inventions and methods for advanced learning programs which involves tablets and not books!

IPads can click pictures, shoot videos, has provision of Wi-Fi and GPS as well. They let you use all the apps you use on your phone, from skype to Whatsapp. You can make calls but not proper ones since they have no sim card in them.

Here we are discussing on the iPad Air 4 after the release of ipd Air 2 last year. Though it does seem to be a little too early to talk on the iPad Air 4, but then what is the harm, it is always good to work in advance.

We have got for you few of its features based upon assumptions and no kind of official news.

A 12X chipset, which means a super fast speed for the phone. This one is a must have for the lovers of high processor devices. Those who seem to get irritated even within seconds are deemed to buy this one. If that is how the iPad Air 4 would come out to be like! Much like the Galaxy note 6

The screen ad display for the iPad Air 4 is always a delight to all. We can expect this one to be bigger than the other two already releases, obviously and also a 4K super amoled screen or an ultra HD one.

Next is the Camera of the iPad. Again, there seems to be hardly any element of worry for the Apple devices. A 20 MP rear camera is what the iPad Air 4 is expected to have. The front camera might be an 8 MP as for the past trends are concerned. The iPad Air 4 is also likely to have an LED flash to which will click a better quality of pictures and increase its power under moonlight!

Now that the iPad Air 4 has so much to offer, it will by some means make sure that the battery for the iPad Air 4 is equally good and is capable of putting up with the range of features that this device has to offer. There are really high hopes on this, because the battery for Apple devices is like always a worry.

I personally can give a huge green flag to this device if this is how it is expected to be, or even near to it. So, the wait has begun. There is news yet to come on the pricing and availability for the device. Happy waiting, for a little longer this time!


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