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Gel nails have become a running trend in the nail industry owing to its durability and ease of the process. Most salons have started offering gel nail manicures because of increasing demand. The process of gel nail manicure is quite different than applying a regular lacquer. But before we get into that, let us explore what gel nails really are and why they’re getting more popular by the day.

Gel Nails : A Middle Path

Gel nails are a result of a gel nail polishes that are simply a better version of regular lacquer and a less rigid version of acrylic nails. They’re getting more popular because they’re more durable than regular nail paints and do not chip away easily. On the other hand, they’re more flexible than acrylic nails. It means that they won’t break in case of a brunt hit, thus saving your natural nails from damaging as well. The process of gel nails is less time consuming than acrylic nails and can be the ideal choice for those who don’t have enough time to get their nails done regularly.

Gel Nails Supplies

The process of a gel nail manicure is easy but it needs a little careful application with the right tools and technique. If it’s not applied properly, it can damage the natural nail beds and even cause infection if water is trapped inside.

Although a better way is to get your nails done by a professional so as to avoid any kind of infection of damage to the nail bed, you can use your DIY spirit and give yourself a perfect gel nail manicure at home. Here is a list of gel nails supplies you’ll need for a nail spa session at home :

UV Lamp

Gel nails need to be ‘cured’ in order to get hard after application so that it doesn’t chip off. The curing is done via the UV rays of the UV lamp. Each of the layer of gel nail manicure needs to be cured under the lamp before applying the next one. However, an LED lamp can also be used for curing to minimise the risk associated with UV rays.

  • Base Coat
  • Base coat is the first step of gel nail manicure after the basic preparation of shaping and filing your nails and cuticles. If your nails are oily, you should use primer before the base coat so that the gel can stay on your nails for longer. Apply a thin layer of the base coat on the entire nail including the tip so that it is ready for the Gel polish and cure it under the lamp before the next layer.
  • Gel Nail Color
  • After the base coat is cured for about 3 minutes, your nails are ready for the next layer that is gel nail color. These nail colors are gel based nail polishes which are different from regular ones. You can get 2 types of color coat : soft gel and hard gel.
  • Soft gel nail paints are like normal nail paints that are applied on your natural nails. They’re then cured to stay on for longer. Hard gel is used to create nail extensions.
    For this process, you’ll have to choose soft gel nail color. Apply single or double coats depending on the shade you want and cure it under the lamp.
    • Top Coat

Your gel nails are ready to be flaunted without any worry of withering away.

Nail Moisturiser

  • Pure Acetone
  • Gel nail paints are difficult to remove. Even professionals, sometimes, use scrapers to remove it. But the truth is that scrappers can easily damage your natural nail bed. Gel polishes make your nail bed dry and scraping it off can take off the top layer of the nail beds as well. Thus a better way is to use pure 100% acetone. Diluted acetone can not remove gel nail paint.

Make sure you use a good moisturiser after this process because acetone also dries your nail bed.

WIth these gel nail supplies, you’re in for a good and healthy gel manicure. So collect your supplies today and schedule a nail spa with yourself!

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