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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Eyelashes

Eyelashes the ultimate beauty accessory are crushed and tampered with. But do we really know everything about them? I guess not, so what not go through it’s surprising facts about eye lashes-

1) Falling out

Eyelashes also drop like our hair loss. We lose around one to five eyelashes everyday. At the end of every three months, the growth of eyelashes diminishes and therefore they don’t grow as much as our hair. It takes around four to eight weeks to grow a new one to its full length. Lashes have life span of 90 days.

2) Protective Shield

The eyelashes protect our eyes from dirt, water,sweat and unwanted debris.

3) Grow in Three Periods

There growth is divided into three phases- anagen phase(active growth), catagen phase(transitional growth) and telogen phase(resting period). 90% of the time our eyelashes are in active growth mode. They grow .16 millimeters a day.It takes five months for a eyelash to regrow if it has been cut.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Eyelashes

4) Length

They all vary in length. The middle one is the longest. The longest eyelash on record has been of 2.72 inches. The upper lid has 200 – 300 lashes whereas lower lid has 100- 75 lashes.

5) Mammal Whiskers

Only mammals have eye lashes. For humans they work similarly as cat’s whiskers. Whenever there is a dirt or water trying to enter our eyes we get an indication. That is because of their sensitive nature. They are the first defence of the eyes.

6) Harbouring Mites

Parasitic mites live on our lashes. But they are friendly not our enemies. These are known as Demodex, they help in removing dirt from around our eyes. They protect our eye from infections and clean our lash follicles. They basically come at night and and eat the cells shed by our eyes.

7) Made of Protein

Eyelashes are made of 97% keratin and 3% water. Vitamin H keeps them strong and intake of chicken, eggs and almonds is good for eye lashes. Eye lashes are repaired by antioxidants which are found in citrus rich foods. Intake of orange, lemon,avocado is very useful.

8) Glands

Our lashes have two glands namely- the Moll and the Zeis. They keep the the lash bacteria free and lash follicles un- clogged.

9) Take care

You need to take proper care of your eyelashes-

  • Constant rubbing your eyes will make the lashes break
  • Do not pull your lashes while using a eye curler
  • Remove mascara before going to sleep with the help of a remover. The stiffness of the mascara causes lashes to brake.
  • Remove the clumps of mascara while applying it

Eyelashes are sensor for the brain as they inform the brain if any foreign particle is coming near our eyes. They also defend our eyes by not letting excessive sunlight enter the eye by reflecting it.

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