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Things We Should Know About Juice Fasting

Juice fasting is often considered as a term for people who seek to obtain healthy lifestyle through proper dieting. Juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables are often seen as the source of nutrients with abundant healing potentials. Many people also combine this with intense exercise to keep their body circulation flowing. There are many healing methods that can be used and juice fasting is certainly among the safest. This method can be used for all kinds of purposes and there are many reasons and intentions behind it. If viewed and undertaken in the proper context, juice fasting should be a great tool to help us achieve results.

Many of us have consumed vegetable or fresh fruit juices before. Some people also use vegetable broth for juice fasting. In general, people who follow juice fasting doesn’t consume any kind of solid food. They also refrain from drinks that can tax their body such as soda, coffee, milk, packaged juices, protein powder, diet drinks, energy drinks and others. Many people would ask why we shouldn’t consume fruits and vegetables in their original form instead. In reality, it is much easier for our body to extract nutrients and dietary fiber if veggies and fruits are already in juice form. This will skip much of the digestion process and our body won’t work harder to obtain the good stuff.

This will also give our digestion system a break, because the digestion process requires a lot of energy. Many of us don’t give our body a break from this process and overworked digestion process could cause different symptoms. In fact, people who suffer from bloating, excess weight, diarrhea, constipation and others could benefit from juice fasting. It is a brilliant way to cleanse and nourish our body.

There are different symptoms that can affect our body and it could actually be caused by the yeast overgrowth. Yeast would feed off sugar from our body and they will release acidic matter. Yeast will proliferate very quickly when they get fed and our situation could get quite worse eventually. For this reason, it is important to protect our body from those opportunistic yeasts. We should be aware that although fruits are nutritious and healthier than many food groups, they could also provide natural sugars and nutrition that can feed yeast. In this case, we should be careful if we want to proceed with juice fasting.

In fact, it’s important for us not to overdo the consumption of fruits, because eating something too much won’t have a great effect on our body. In this case, we should focus on consuming balanced diet, such as adding vegetable juices to our body. This could provide a great variety for our body. To add some variety to our fruit juice, we could add beet, carrot and even capsicum. As an example, although grapefruit juice is really wonderful for our body, we could add further sweetness by putting some sweet apples. We could also indulge on new flavours by adding berries.

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