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Things To Include In Your Fun-checklist When Visiting Goa!

Now that you are finally going to Goa, you must be overwhelmed with the feeling of excitement. A favorite hotspot for tourist from all around the world. With all those splendid beaches, amazing food, exquisite shopping place, and the list go on. These are a few of the reason why goa is a favorable destination for many. What makes it the most exciting places to visit in India is the massive lot of activities that you can do during your stay in Goa. We will tell you about the things that should be included in your power goa tour packages, selected for the vacation.


Goa has a lot to offer to its visitors, let surf below to see what they are:

Beauty and the beach!

yes, goa is the king known for beaches. Your vacation has to start with them. The one in the limelight would be the best for beginners with- The Baga beach. Best in the north and widely populated now, because everyone wants to pay a visit to the stat. It is, therefore, the busiest too! It is not an iconic tourist destination, we assure you. We suggest you rent out a shack on the beach and check the flea market because with the locals is the true authentic experience of the place. Enjoy some exotic seafood from this market and get mesmerized by the nightlife of this area. Numerous other beaches of the south, but Baga is truly King in the North.

Visit Chapora Fort

An architectural marvel has been glorifying the charm of Chapora Fort as an ancient watch port for the Portuguese. They have a strong history with Goa, as they ruled over the place for more than a century. The basic structure is still in existence and dignifies as a fortes vantage point. With an overlooking from the Vagator and Anjuna beaches. Enjoy an exciting trek with your loved ones in the surrounding area and inside of this fort. Be closer to the history of this majestic place.

Kingdom of Ocean- Done Paula:

A Must-visit place, to include in your travel maps of Goa- Dona Paula. Home of the National Institute of Oceanography in India is situated near the capital of the state, Panjim. A hub for accommodation and filled restaurants and beautifully maintained heritage sites. The place is quite famous and therefore crowded. Can be a perfect spot to relaxed and romantic time with your loved one.

If you want to experience an exemplary vacation in Goa, we might have something for you. Visit this website, they are the best guide and expert to deliver an extraordinary experience to the tourist of Goa. We assure you they will provide the personalized goa tour package in accordance to your days of stay, budget, and desired.

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