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Things To Avoid When Designing A Restaurant

What makes us choose our favourite restaurant? The pleasant atmosphere we gravitate towards is often a result of a painstaking planning and careful selection of details. Although we primarily expect to get a quality meal there, restaurants are also providers of a unique atmosphere, and that’s where design plays a crucial part. Avoid the curse of a bad first impression and the loss of potential patrons with our list of common mistakes.

Tacky, Cheap-looking Furnishings

Among the table, booth or bar sections, the tables are most frequently the ones that stick out in a disagreeable manner. Since chairs and tables make up the biggest part of the furniture bulk, it’s no wonder owners sometimes resort to cheaper options. For example, square, single-pole tables with a set of scruffy chairs are not too inviting for cosy cafés or eateries.

Luckily, you can now purchase brand new sets and items at a reasonable price, but don’t just give in to impulse shopping. Focus on versatility, solid craftsmanship and comfort. Also, test our every seat in the place to get a better insight of the shortcomings.

Things To Avoid When Designing A Restaurant

Inadequate illumination

The lights in some places are often a clear indicator of ideas and type of establishment previous owners were running, and oftentimes that’s not the most fortunate combination (imagine ex-funeral home setting, yikes).

Set the right mood with an intelligent appropriation of light fixtures that will adhere to the needs of even the most demanding customers. Still, don’t neglect the beauty of a sunlit environment and install wide window frames on the sunny side of the establishment.

Terrible Carpet Job

It’s a veritable mystery getting behind the reasons why some business owners picked the carpeting they did for their restaurants. You have probably seen it yourself, a mixture of generally acceptable interior decoration and flooring with the pattern from the 60s. Even though the carpet area seems like the least significant aspect, most of the guests notice it quite well. If you want to play safe, opt for some muted, neutral colours and schemes.

Things To Avoid When Designing A Restaurant

Incompatible Décor

You may be going for an eclectic look, but there’s a fine line between a successfully pulled out mix of designs and a mismatched chaos. The restaurant’s history often comes to haunt it with the remnants of the former décor solutions, and that’s rarely a happy marriage of styles.

When waffle house meets Chinese buffet or a dingy liquor store gets transformed into a popular coffee-shop, the remodelling can be a challenging endeavour. The rule of thumbs: Out with the old, in with the new. Make sure your café furniture selection is on point if you want your business to be taken seriously by prospective guests.

Some examples of the mismatching blunders:

  • Potted plants and ferns ≠ Canadian ambience
  • Bonsai trees ≠ Latin American scheme
  • Mediterranean murals ≠ American steak house

Lack of Seating Arrangement

When visitors keep bumping into each other on a daily basis, it’s high time to organise the place and give each customer their own rightful portion of the restaurant footage. You can accomplish this without stifling the space with walls by arranging planter boxes and semi-transparent dividers. If you decide to go big, private party rooms could be a gold mine as everyone enjoys that exclusive element of the experience.

Things To Avoid When Designing A Restaurant

Obtrusive Music

Unless you’re holding a music night in a bar, the speakers should only issue some gentle notes that don’t interfere with the clients’ conversations. The key is to make it noticeable but not in the way. Now, different cultures will nurture different genres. For instance, if you want to grab a delicious gyros, you will probably be welcomed with the sounds of Greek music, and that’s both expected and befitting.

Arctic Cold or Equatorial Heat

It may sound like nitpicking, but being too cold or too hot in a restaurant is not pardonable. Shivering or sweating like crazy is equally annoying and it will certainly make your regulars drop you fast. You won’t be wrong if you set the system at the living room temperature.

If you’re starting off or reinventing your old business, there are things you should avoid. From furnishings to music choice, we have covered it all with some handy tips.

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