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Things That You Can Do In Marmaris To Enjoy A Memorable Holiday

Things That You Can Do In Marmaris To Enjoy A Memorable Holiday

The increase in popularity of Marmaris is as spectacular as the place itself. Just a few years back it was a small town located by the sea but today has emerged as one of the most popular tourist hotspots with people flocking to it to experience its beauty, culture and cuisine. So if you are looking for a holiday destination, Marmaris could be the place to spend a few days in the laps of nature.

Why holiday in Marmaris?

A vacation needs to rejuvenate you and give you ample scope to indulge your senses and Marmaris is the ideal location to do so. Your eyes can feast on panoramic views while your taste buds will ask for more of Turkish cuisine. The Turkish nights would satiate your ears and eyes with exciting traditional dances and foot-tapping music. You are excited enough to go to Marmaris, right? Let’s find out what more you can do here.

Things That You Can Do In Marmaris To Enjoy A Memorable Holiday

Things you can do in Marmaris – enjoy the sea life

Sun. Sea. Sand. Marmaris is all about beaches and excellent beach life. Clean and large, the beaches promise everything from good food to drinks and activities for kids.

Long Beach or Uzunyali Beach lies between Marmaris and Iclemer. A sandy beach with warm water makes it ideal for swimmers. Move ahead a little bit further and you will come across the pristine beaches of Iclemer. Golden beach with turquoise blue sea, that’s the kind of things perfect holidays are made of, right? If you are adventurous, you can participate in the adventure sports like scuba diving and banana boating and jet skiing. Or else you can simply lie down on a parasol and enjoy the view around – lush green mountains against the backdrop of the sea provide ample scope to relax the eyes and let the mind wander.

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Gourmet delight in Marmaris

Turkish cuisine is mouth-watering, as you may know. At Marmaris, you can enjoy the best of Turkish foods at various places that also allow you to witness the culture of the local people. The lokantas are small eateries which are mainly inhabited by the locals and are excellent places to taste Turkish food. You can also head to world class restaurants with good views and excellent services for a more formal Turkish dinner. Don’t forget to taste the kebabs and sisliks.

The boardwalk along the sea is a lovely place to try different foods. You can listen to music, drink and eat and enjoy your time.

Mexican? Chinese? English? French? Yes, at Marmaris you can taste all the cuisines that your heart desires. From Indian biriyani to lentil soup to pizzas and cakes, dig in and give your taste buds a treat they will never forget.

Let’s go shopping in Marmaris

When you are in Turkey, you may want to spend your days in shopping without feeling tired. From Turkish carpets to towels to jewelry to leather items to pottery, it’s impossible to list the items you can take back home. The local markets are colorful and present slices of Turkish life that are as eclectic as the products. There are shopping malls also if you prefer to shop for branded products.

So, indulge your taste buds and your eyes and ears and have a fun-filled time in Marmaris.

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