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The Various Aspects Of Cell Phone Insurance and Its Coverage

The Various Aspects Of Cell Phone Insurance and Its Coverage

Yes, cell phones are extremely important and you can’t really do without it given your present lifestyle. In other words, a cell phone is practically indispensable. At the same it’s also a fact that cell phones happen to be rather fragile plus expensive devices. So much so that even if you happen to fatefully drop your cell phone that 1 time, there can be irreversible damage caused. The good news is that wireless carriers are known to offer optional cell phone insurance plans which you can easily add to your service plan too. All it involves is a monthly fee which you’ve got to pay in exchange of this bit of privilege. However, at the same time it can’t be denied that this insurance goes on to cover the most unexpected of problems as far as your cellular device is concerned.

Cell Phone Insurance – What All it Covers

There are, of course, a variety of aspects that cell phone insurance is known to cover. Here are the major ones you could get for yourself.

  1. The Stolen Phones and the Lost Ones:
  2. This happens to be one of the most important aspects of cell phone insurance. If you happen to lose your phone or the phone is stolen for that matter, you’re entitled to receive a replacement and that too if you’ve got insurance. In fact, almost all 3rd party insurers allow you to file a claim online. You can do so if you no longer have your cell phone in your possession. If not, then there’s also the option of visiting the wireless carrier’s retail store to file the claim. Then there’s also cell phone insurance you might like to know more about.

  1. The Warranty involved and beyond it:
    Generally purchasing a new cell phone comes along with a manufacturer’s warranty. This could possibly last up to a year or so. This generally covers any malfunction that might occur in your phone. On the other hand, phone insurance not only covers such failures, but also extends to other failures far beyond the so-called warranty period.

  1. The Liquid Spills on your Cell Phone:
  2. It’s a known fact that if you drop liquid on your cell phone or manage to drop it in water, irreversible damage can be caused to your phone. You’ll find most cell phone insurance coverages actually giving you the benefit when it comes to any liquid damage that comes over your phone.

  1. The other kinds of Damage to your Phone:
  2. There are actually so many other kinds of damage which your phone might face if you’re not too careful. But of course, fact remains that more often than not you don’t really do it on purpose and there goes all the damage done to your precious little device. Right from cracking of the screen to your cell phone breaking due to some or the other reason, all you’ve got to do is file a damage claim. Now keep this in mind that when you’re filing a damage claim, you should always explain the extent of your damage as well as the cause behind it. Otherwise there’s also the option of taking your cell phone to the wireless carrier.

These are of course some of the major coverages provided by cell phone insurance. To find out more about it, you can of course check out Protect Your Bubble insurance details. You’re sure to benefit from the above as you can see, so make it a point to get one for yourself without fail. Otherwise you might end up repenting for your cell phone later.

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